Monday, March 1

Holy Cow--that's a lot of snow

Well, it snowed for 4 straight days last week.  Tuesday and Wednesday weren't that bad mostly accumulating on the grass and sidewalks, the roads weren't too bad, but Thursday and Friday--YIKES--30" of snow later and Holy Cow--that's a lot of snow.  The snowbank left at the end of our driveway by the plow was over 6' tall.

We lost power Thursday night, it was back on Friday night.  When the power is out there's no heat, no hot water and no stove.  The house was 50 degrees by the time the power came back on.  We can't complain, we know several school families are still without electricity.

When we weren't shoveling, I was reading.  Finishing 3 more books from my recent UBS visit, including Meredith Duran's Written on Your Skin, which was very good.  I haven't been able to get Bound by Your Touch used, so I may have to order it new.  I'm currently reading Marianna Jameson's My Hero, I found this one at the UBS after reading a really good review by Rosario.

The child finally went back to school today, they had 3 snow days in a row--unheard of around here.   The school's science fair that was scheduled last Thursday has been rescheduled for tonight.  The child made an electromagnet with the help from Dad.  So we're busy tonight.

Have a great day and happy reading.