Thursday, February 18

Another binge

I picked up books at the UBS on Monday and have been on another reading binge, finishing 4 Kristin Higgins books in 3 days and am now rereading a Laura Lee Guhrke.

Next week is very busy at work, so I probably wont be around much.

Have a great day and happy reading :)

Monday, February 15

Valentine's Day Card from the hubby...

In the whole world,
each person is assigned
one other person
to be their
special soulmate,
their Valentine

You got stuck
with me!

We laughed ourselves silly :)

Some random thoughts...

It's been a very strange winter in our neck of the woods.  Very little snow, but very cold.  The river behind our house is frozen over.  We're expecting some snow tonight (4-8"), but certainly nothing like the Mid-Atlantic States have seen this winter.

With the snow coming tomorrow, I'll have to drag the poor child with me to work on our day off.  Though I think we may make a trip to the UBS first.  I made a list and realized most of the books fall into the Regency-Victorian period.  I need to go outside of my current comfort zone and maybe I'd read with more consistancy rather then in reading binges, with massive dry spells in between.

Is anyone watching the Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  series on PBS?  We watched last week and it was very interesting.  Gates (the Gates of the beer summit) researched the geneology of 12 well known Americans.  The first episode was very interesting and we (the hubby and I)  are looking forward to the rest of the series.

When I was a child I LOVED the olympics.  I can barely work up luke warm enthusiasm now.  And it seems like children aren't as interested in them either.  I wonder did the end of the Cold War ruin the olympics??  No more us vs. them.

Now that I've bored anyone that stopped by...  Have a great day and happy reading.

Sunday, February 14

Hopefully you've found your Knight in Shining Armour :)

Wednesday, February 10

Binge Reading

Once again I disappeared for longer than I expected, having said that I have been lurking every few days on a few blogs as time allowed. 

It's snowing in NY and we have a snow day.  It's giving me some time to post about my recent reading binge.  I've realized like the binge drinker, who may not drink for long periods of time and then go on a bender, I binge read.  A couple of weeks ago I went on a reading bender finishing 7 books in 4 days...

Book one:  Seducing the Heiress by Olivia Drake was the first book of my reading binge. Olivia Drake was an auto buy for me when she wrote under the name of Barbara Dawson Smith.  It was a rather inauspicious start to a reading binge as it wasn't a book that I enjoyed.  Never warming to either of the leads, I was left rather blah with the whole story line and concept. Probably explains why BDS has been off my auto buy list for quite sometime.

Book Two: Ravishing in Red by Madeline Hunter. Madeline Hunter is an author I know will always provide a well written story. This was a great start of a new series. There was a wonderful balance of tension between the hero and heroine and the story left me looking forward to the next in the series. The hero is the second son living out his handicapped brother's life, a fascinating dynamic which was beautifully written.

Book Three: Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl. Like Madeline Hunter I know Lynn Viehl will always come through with a well written and interesting story. Once again she does not fail. Shadowlight is the first in a new series (The Kyndred),   a spin off from her Darkyn series. LOVED IT!! Not only are we learning more about the orphans that have been genetically altered, like Alex and Samantha from the Darkyn series, they are finding one another and piecing together their history.

Book Four: Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl. There was a review of this book on Dear Author a while ago and I think it got a C+ or there about, but there was something about the story line in that review that caught my attention. And, I have to say this book worked for me. Was it perfect? No. But for some reason I understood Jane, not that I'm anything like Jane IRL. And what was not to love about Chase? The funny thing is I have no interest in the rest of the series, but this one worked for me.

Book Five: All Night with a Rogue by Alexandra Hawkins. Have you ever read a book that didn't have one likable character, not the leads nor the secondary characters are likeable, and still actually like the story? That's what happened to me with this book. It's the first book in the Lord's of Vice series and I have to admit that the "Lord's of Vice" are over indulged, obnoxious over the top rakes with bad nicknames a la Stephanie Laurens, though in this case the nicknames all seem to tie to their titles. He is the Marquess of Sinclair and his nickname is Sin, it's a concept anyway :) Maybe the fact that they are real "rakes" is what makes the book rather compelling. Maybe it goes back to my love of good redemption story. I'm currently rereading this book to try and figure out why it worked for me.

Book Six: Lessons from a Scarlet Lady by Emma Wildes. I have to admit this book made me laugh though I'm not sure it was supposed to :) The main characters are already married. The young bride wants to bring some spice into their relationship and reads and follows the directions from "Lady Rothburg Advice", a courtesan's memoir. The hubby loves the changes and yet is left wondering how his wife acquired her new knowledge and this leads to a rather forced conflict.  Even with the forced conflict the story was rather fun.

Book Seven: Faith by Deneane Clark. This book slammed the door on my reading binge. The story is Regency set and yet there seemed to be a familiarity between the characters that seemed too contemporary, they never referred to one another by their titles, strange complaint but is just seemed odd. The heroine was too uptight and the conflict too forced.

So there you have one massive reading binge. Did you notice my obvious attraction to red covers??  While I was reading like a lunatic my husband was telling me to pace myself, that I would run out of things to read. Apparently he doesn't realize that huge basket next to the bed is filled with books I haven't read yet.  Just waiting for my next reading binge :)

Hope all are well and happily reading :)