Friday, September 29

The little terror strikes again...

Once again the teacher wanted to talk to me after school. It seems the child makes mean/ugly faces when he doesn't get his way. Like this is news to me. Yesterday they saw a movie about strangers and they had an accompanying coloring book to send home so the parents could go over it with the child. My child announces, he's got a coloring book and doesn't need another. (I'm thinking Al Pacino in Scarface--"I don't need no stinking coloring book") and apparently the face he made matched. That got him his name on the board--strike one.

Then he continued to argue with the teacher about not wanting the color book--strike two.

Then he caused a problem in the bathroom, roaring and yelling--strike three.

Strike three means no recess and he gets to sit in the principal's office while the other kids are outside having fun.

It's the 3rd full week of school and he's had his name on the board 6 times and has lost recess twice. I somehow managed to make it through 13 years of elementary, middle and high school without seeing the inside of a principal's office. I'm blaming all this on my husband, he too was mischievous and at one point had to eat lunch in the principal's office everyday, but I think that was 4th grade not Kindergarten.

Oh, and the face he made. Made it for me this morning--he wasn't happy with me. "That's the face I made at Mrs. T___." I had to leave the room because I couldn't let him see me laughing.

Thursday, September 28

I found it

Everything's Coming Up Rosie was found behind my desk this morning, but it's going back on my TBR pile as I'm reading True Blood by Patricia Waddell and can tell it's going to be a good one.

Ran to the UBS yesterday and picked up part of my book order, but since it's not in front of me and I can't remember what I bought--I guess I'm not listing anything. While I was there I saw an anthology that included Linda Howard's The Way Home. Came home found my copy and read it while waiting in the parking lot at school. I love that story. Saxon and Anna, Saxon with all his baggage and Anna's serenity--don't know why it works but it does.

Wednesday, September 27

Life's little odds and ends

I finished Susan Andersen's Just for Kicks. I can honestly say it's the first Andersen I've ever been able to finish, and I've tried many. I liked it, but didn't love it. The heroine calls people "toots"--I absolutely hate that expression, I ignored it each and every time it popped up and sometimes it popped up 2 or 3 times a page. Renee has a good review here. It's got a little bit of a cliche thing going on with the "showgirl with the heart of gold" theme. Now I'm reading Lisa Gregory's The Rainbow Promise. I'm starting to think I already read it, which is completely possible considering it was published back in '89, probably read it new.

Monday was Junior's first soccer game, because of rain they've only had one practice. Best laugh of the week watching 18 five year olds running up and down a soccer field. When the coach placed 3 little girls on defense and told them to stay there, they took him literally, play going on madly around them, but not one of them moved an inch. When Junior was on defense he saved a goal and has been talking about it ever since.

Yesterday we went to the library, they were having a special day for kindergarteners and he got his first official library card, he's quite proud of himself, took out a Thomas book that he not only owns, but already knows by heart. But it was the only Thomas the Tank Engine book available so he had to have it. I discovered they now have book downloads available for 2 week periods. I don't know how this works, but if I get my ebook reader for Christmas I'm going to take advantage of it.

The other day I had a chance to talk to his teacher and asked how he was doing academically, because at home we're having problems getting him to do his homework, that not really right, he does the homework no problem, but he fights with me when he has to write his full name on the page. Now I realize his first and last name are both long, but not so much so that it should cause this problem. Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked. So, she says he's doing great, but has a problem using scissors. I've been working with him at home and he's fine cutting. I pointed out maybe he might have a problem with the school scissor because he's left handed and she blinked rather owlishly at me. I'm not sure what that meant and I was a little afraid to ask. I'm thinking he may have been trying to use his right hand in school because he is a little ambidextrous, but really is better with his left hand.

My computer is dying, I'm not sure if it's a software or hardware problem, but where getting corrupted data all over the place. I really don't want to invest in a new one, but I think it's inevitable.

Aren't you glad I bored you with all this info--LOL.

Have a good one and happy reading.

Tuesday, September 26

No reading last night. Why? Homework, dinner, soccer game, baking cookies for school. It was the baking cookies for school that did me in. Today they're celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday along with 4 of the kids in Junior's class. I promised juice and cookies, 9 o'clock last night I'm baking chocolate chip and sugar cookies--I tried buying them at ShopRite but they were sold out--10 cent a cookie sale. Now I could have read something if I bothered to get up off the couch and go upstairs and get my book, but I put on the Yankees instead and watched them kick poor Tampa Bay's butt, which was a relief since they'd lost the last two games. Not that any of this matters as they've already clinched.

Hey Kristie, guess what book I found in a little UBS in Point Pleasant, NJ--Lisa Gregory's The Rainbow Promise. I bought it while we were on vacation and completely forgot about it. Found it under the passenger seat of my mini-van yesterday. It was a nice surprise.

Monday, September 25

Drive By Blogging...

Yikes, I can not believe it's been 5 days since my last post. Junior is in school full-time and somehow I seem to have less time. How is that possible?

So, I've finished 2 books in the last week, lost one and never wrote a review for another.

2 books finished (drive by reviews):

You Had Me At Goodbye -- Jane Blackwood. I was not impressed by this book, found the whole thing rather boring. Is this the book that the RT reviewer said was "nice"? Nice book, nice characters, boring story. Sorry, that's kind of rude.

The Gladiator's Honor -- Michelle Styles. I liked this book a lot. Love that it's set in 65 BC, love the gladiator theme and the gladiator, liked the heroine. Question some of the dialogue, but how the heck would I know what they would have sounded like--LOL. Am looking forward to more books by Ms. Styles.

Lost book = Everything's Coming Up Rosie by Kasey Michaels, I was actually enjoying this one and have no idea where I left it, last time I saw it was last Monday. It'll show up eventually.

The promised review was for Susan Wiggs' Summer at Willow Lake. I liked this book, but didn't love it. Nice separation story, camp sweethearts find one another again, this book probably leans a little towards woman's fiction. The setting was good, a camp in the Catskills, there was a few things that weren't "right" but not enough to complain about and certainly the author should be allowed a little leeway. There were a lot of class issues going on in the book and I didn't like or agree with much of them--do you have to be poor or hard working to be nice? Are all rich people snobs--or I should ask are all rich women snobs? Because it seems rich men can be attracted to poor women, but women born rich are all bitchy--at least the older ones were in this book, the young ones look to be future heroines in this series, so I'm assuming they'll all be nice rich woman.

Currently reading Just for Kicks--is that the title of the new Susan Andersen, it's not in front of me. I've only read about 20 pages, but so far so good. A while back Turn Another Page had a great quote from the book listed on their sidebar under "Hero Quote"--loved it so much I bought the book even though I'm not a SA fan.

Have a good one, and happy reading. I'm hoping to be more diligent this week and post something everyday.

Wednesday, September 20

Another edited post...

Yikes, I haven't finished a book in days and now have 4 going at the same time, I wont bore you with the sad details.

I've got my first "Parent Guild" meeting tonight, have no idea what's in store. I wont be getting any reading done tonight--Project Runway is on tonight and that's my little TV guilty pleasure. Project Runway was a repeat, so I watched Kidnapped on NBC instead, it was pretty good.

Well, it turns out the Parent Guild is all about fundraising and giving the kids a well rounded education, sponsoring events similar to public school... dances, school parties, camp programs etc.

Have a great day and someone please read something wonderful.

Monday, September 18

The Weekend ** EDITED**

**Edited** I just realized this is my 500 post. Who would have thought I'd have so much to say--LOL?

My husband informed me he googled "romance reading mom" for the first time today. I'm not sure whether or not I should be insulted as I've been at this for 1 1/2 years--LOL.

He tells me this as I was sitting down to write a "husband" post.

Over the weekend he asks me to make Chicken Cacciatore. I cook Italian all the time, but this is one I never had growing up*** and never think to make. He has fond memories of "Grandma's," so I decided to give it a try. Find a recipe over at The Food Network and ran to the store to pick up the ingredients I didn't have in the pantry. Between preping and cooking it took 3 hours. "It's not like Grandma's. It's not bad, but not the same."

Great. So while talking to my MIL today I mention I need to get Grandma's recipe. And there's silence on the other end...

MIL -- "Grandma who?"
Me -- "Grandma C____."
MIL -- "Grandma never made Chicken Cacciatore."
Me -- "He swears it was the only thing Grandma cooked when you went for dinner."
MIL -- "He's crazy, it was baked chicken parts with tomato paste and oregano. Grandma wasn't much of a cook and she never made 'Italian'--she hated garlic."

Well, baked chicken parts and tomato paste would have been a heck of a lot easier. I was going to email his cousin for the recipe, she would have thought I was nuts.

And a quick kid story, I'm giving up on the Child Free Zone--LOL.

While I was out getting capers and olives for the Cacciatore, my son was home with Daddy. When I got back I could smell popcorn. Mmmm, it smelled really good. It turns out Junior got tired of waiting for me to get home (Daddy's directions) and decided to make it himself while Daddy was upstairs. When his father smelled the popcorn, he came down and found him sitting in the living room with a great big bowl watching TV.

***Apparently we did have this growing up, but it was so bad, I've blocked it from my memory. So says my sister. Honestly, I don't remember ever having it. Mom's a great cook so I can't imagine it was bad... But then again, she did cook cow's tongue when we were little too--we revolted against that, yuck and double yuck.

Slow going...

After teasing Jane about reading too much erotica in one week, I'm now reading my 3rd contemporary romance in a row and my brain is feeling a little numb.

I finished Susan Wiggs' Summer at Willow Lake over the weekend. It falls somewhere between okay and good and I'll probably write a review tomorrow when I have more time.

Jane Blackwood's You Had Me At Goodbye was up next. I'm just about finished with that one, but forgot to bring it with me to the hair salon today. Everything's Coming up Rosie was in the car, I'm about 100 pages into that one too.

Saturday, September 16

A couple of things on a busy Saturday...

1. My first official column is up on Romancing the Blog today. Well, actually it's my second column, my first was special guest blog back in December.

2. I found this great quote over on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread (Sybil)from Jane... "I am all erotica'ed out. I read 6 books last week. They were all bad. All about sex. None about romance. One made my eyes bleed." My first reaction was "Yikes, Jane, you don't read 6 in one week, you read 1 a week for 6 weeks." I know there are people who read erotic romance exclusively, but I'm never going to be one of them.

My parents are coming today for a visit and I haven't cleaned the house.

Have a good one, happy reading.

Friday, September 15

Giving up on one and starting another...

I hate to admit I'm giving up on Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll. It has nothing to do with the story, which is very good. I simply can't read it. The print is so small that even with my glasses I'm getting headaches and eye strain. I'll finish it, but in small doses between other books, so I wont really consider it a DNF, because it truly doesn't deserve DNF status. I guess I need new glasses, but my insurance wont pay for another pair for 3 more months, I'll hold out that long.

I started reading Susan Wiggs' Summer at Willow Lake this morning. I just realized I haven't read any of her recent contemporaries and am looking forward to this one. We live in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains and this is set in the Catskills. Ms. Wiggs lives in the Pacific Northwest and I'm hoping she's either been to the Catskills or did really good research, as it will be like reading a book set in my own backyard.

What's everyone else reading?

Have a great day and happy reading.
I know I swore this would be a child free zone for a few weeks, but today was picture day at school and it's the first time he wore his regular uniform. How could I not post these?

Can someone explain how such a cute kid can be such a skutch?

Thursday, September 14

Child free zone...

I've reached the point where I'm now obsessing about my son's bad behavior and have decided after today this blog will be child free zone for the next few weeks. Normally, I'm not a big believer in spanking but I've now gone beyond thinking about spanking and completely understand why some species eat their young. I can feel the gray hairs sprouting all over my head.

I don't spank, but after the last 3 days I'm tempted, I'm needing time outs to keep my frayed temper in check. Rewards for good behavior work sometimes, loss of privileges work sometimes, but neither are working right now. Welcome to the world of parenting, right?

Deep purifying breath... SERENITY NOW!!!

Wednesday, September 13

You know I never realized there were so many hidden costs to raising a 5 year old. Obviously, we're choosing to pay tuition, he's been in school a week and so far we've also spent this month...
  • $16 for learning supplies (teacher orders)
  • $10 for his first "book fair"
  • $25 soccer registration (his first game is 9/23)
  • $25 shin guards and socks (we don't need cleats this year)
  • $16 for gym uniform
  • $25 basketball registration (starts in November, "instructional league" his school is basketball crazy--2 courts in the gym and 3 more outside--there's only 180 kids in the whole school, apparently everyone plays, between school leagues and CYO they have basketball programs running year round)
  • $95 Little League registration (this is for spring ball, we missed fall ball, that registration was in June)
  • $??? we're already selling Gertrude Hawke candy bars as a fundraiser, I had a toffee almond one for breakfast, I'm afraid to see how much we'll be buying.

My son doesn't understand that he doesn't get to keep the money from the candy sales. When I explained it was a fundraiser for school and we would have to turn the money I got "I do the work and they get the money?" Yep.

Tuesday, September 12

Back on track...

Well, I'm kind of back on track. I almost have a routine... Get up, make breakfasts, pack lunches, take a shower, drop Junior off at school, run errands, blog, clean house, pick Junior up from school, cook dinner, clean up, Junior's shower and bedtime, ah then it's time to read and well, whatever.

I've finished two more books (Caroline Linden's What a Gentleman Wants and Elizabeth Boyle's His Mistress by Morning, both are listed on my sidebar) neither was all that memorable, so I probably wont write reviews. It seems I can either gush about a book or rant about it, but somewhere in the middle completely escapes me.

I had planned to write something yesterday, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I cried through most of the mornings news coverage.

Junior is in school full time. Yesterday he got his name on the blackboard for not listening--it's going to be a really long year--LOL. What he's learned so far this year... 1. Thomas the Tank Engine is for babies and 2. Only girls wear sweaters.

Saturday, September 9

September's TBR Challenge

Title: Awaken to Pleasure
Title: Secrets in the Marriage Bed

Author: Nalini Singh

Year published: 2004 and 2006 respectively

Why did you get this book? I'd read Slave to Sensation earlier this month and went looking for her backlist

Do you like the cover? NO and NO

Did you enjoy the book? Yes and Yes

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? New to me when I'd read StS

Are you keeping it or passing it on? I'll be passing these on.

Anything else? I don't read much category romance--shame on me, I know. These were both good books, a lot of story packed into 184 pages. My first thoughts for both of these books were "over the top/too melodramatic" but after I thought about it, they need to hit the conflict head on running or nothing will be resolved in the short page count. What I liked about both books is the relationships felt real.

Awaken to Pleasure--Jackson Santorini is the head of his own movie studio, Taylor Reid used to be his secretary. Chance brings them back together and both are looking for something in their lives. He wants a family and is very protective of her. She need the protection of a husband (she's fighting to keep custody of her younger brother). And the story just flows from this very simple premise, they fall in love, over come obstacles and heal one another. A nice book. The only thing that really bugged me was his use of Italian endearments--so didn't work for me.

Secrets in the Marriage Bed--Caleb and Vicki Callaghan have been separated for 2 months when she finds out she's pregnant, and he convinces her to try and work things out. This book so works because it shows an unhappily married couple coming to terms with the problems in their individual lives and marriage. A real couple dealing with real life issues, now that was truly refreshing. The more I think about it, I may have to move this from good to very good.

Hey look, it's only the 9th and I've actually finished the TBR challenge.

Friday, September 8

Don't Feed The Bear

Yesterday I get a phone call from my mom...

Mom: "Fran saw a bear in her driveway the other day." Fran is Mom's next door neighbor.
Me: "Oh, My God."
Mom: "It ran up the hill to Underhill."
Me: "You're kidding. Could it have been a big black dog?"
Mom: "No, she's sure it was a bear. I probably should have mentioned it before we babysat on Tuesday."
Me: "That's okay, it's not like he plays outside at your house. How big was it?"
Mom: "Five foot."
Me: "Wow, that's big."

My parents live less than an hour north of NYC, not prime bear territory.

Today I was thinking about bears in my parents backyard and then it hits me. Mom feeds the birds and racoons every day. Now, I'm worrying she maybe feeding the bears. Yikes, I call her and tactfully ask if she's still feeding the racoons.

"No, I did throw some bread out to the birds, but your sister already gave me the Don't feed the bear lecture." So, I'm thinking What, bears don't eat bread? But decide it's better to leave that one alone.

Creature of habit and teaching an old dog new tricks

I've been out of sync for the last 3 weeks. Between preparing for vacation, being away, getting Junior ready for school and his starting school this week, I've been completely out of sorts.

I'm a creature of habit, not necessarily a slave to routine, every minute doesn't need to be planned, but I do like a certain amount of order in my day. The last three weeks haven't been horrible or even that chaotic, but I'm looking forward to next week when Junior's schedule is normal and I can put myself back on some sort of normal track.

But, I must admit my little bit of chaos hasn't affected my reading. In the last week I've read three GREAT books (Lover Awakened, Slave to Sensation and Darcy's Story).

I also reread a book I read a couple of months ago, Anya Bast's A Change of Seasons, somehow I ended up getting this book ebook format and trade paperback. Don't ask, I don't know why. The first time I read it was in ebook format sitting at my computer, I thought it was okay/good, not great, but the second time I read it (in the car while driving to and from a family commitment over the weekend) I enjoyed it much more.


I'm trying to figure out why I would like it more the second time. Obviously, it was a reread, so why was it better the second time. Hmmm, is it because I'm an old dog and I can't seem to learn this new trick of reading without holding a book? Was I in a different frame of mind and the book was more appealing this time.

Now, you're probably wondering why I would even reread a book I thought was just okay in the first place? Ah, there's nothing like being rushed out of the house and realizing you don't have anything new to read in the car. This one was downstairs and the closest to grab as we were running out the door.

I'm currently reading Nalini Singh's Awaken to Pleasure, it's a Silhouette Desire from August 2004, it qualifies for Angie's September TBR Challenge. Of course, after finishing STS, I had to run out and try to find her backlist, picked up 2 at the UBS.

Got to go, I'd like to finish ATP before picking Junior up at school at noon.

Have a great day and happy reading.

Thursday, September 7

First Day of School

The first day of school didn't start out wonderful, new shoes were AWOL, so he had to wear his old ones, of course the shoes were under his train table, Dad was sure he looked there. I don't know why I sent him up to look he can't find milk in the fridge.

But other than that things went well, they only have half days this week and they were so busy that they didn't have time for snacks, so he was cranky hungry by the time we picked him up.

A Must Read

I'm loving this book. The perspective is wonderful. A must read for anyone who loves Pride and Prejudice

Tuesday, September 5


Hectic seems to be an appropriate description for my life these days. Today was food shopping and bingo, I only have to do this once a month, thank God, it's a long 5 hours, alternating chaos and boredom.

Tomorrow is Junior's first day of Kindergarten. Half days this week and he starts full days next Monday. His uniform is all ready, summer uniform for September and October, polo shirt, dress shorts, white socks and dress shoes. We've followed each and every rule and I can only hope we're ready for this. I'll post pictures of the adorable child tomorrow. Starting next week I'm stripping and cleaning each room of the house, once that's done, I'm not sure how I'll be spending my days. Maybe I should think about getting a job.

Yesterday we went to our nieces 3rd birthday party, that is her "family" party, Sunday we have her "kids" party to go to. Don't ask.

Junior starts soccer this week and Little League registration is at the end of the month.

Sunday, September 3

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

I'm at a loss as to what to say about this book. Everything feels like a spoiler.

Once again I'm left thinking "I should hate this book." But I don't, I loved it. The names are still ridiculous, I hate the word "shitkicker", the "leathers" are such a cliche, the tortured vampire hero is an even bigger cliche. Bonded, mates, the needing, yikes. Yet it all works.

We met Bella in Lover Eternal, and she was already falling for Zsadist. She's part of the vampire aristocracy and he thinks completely out of his league. This book opens with Bella having been kidnapped and missing for 6 weeks and Z has been frantically searching for her. When he finally does he pushes her toward his brother (Phury), but she only want Z. The story unfolds from there, we have flashback to Zsadist's period of captivity, we see what torture he's been through that's made him what he is. Yet, I'm left wondering about his name, is he really a sadist? I don't think so. After years of abuse he correlates pain with feelings and emotions.

So, he's running for all he's worth away from Bella, she's sucking him back toward her and this makes him feel again, more than pain. She goes through her first period of needing (when vampire women are fertile) and this completely bonds them together. This needing thing is completely over the top, but still works, why?? I don't know.

Anything else feels like a spoiler. You have to read it to find out how much love transforms him.

There are glimpses of Wrath/Beth and Rhage/Mary.

John hasn't gone through his transition and he's still a 90 lb. weakling. But we do find out who is father is.

Torh and Wellsie's story continues.

What the heck is going on with Vishous and Butch and Marissa?

Rehvenge (the Reverend), Bella's brother is an important part of the story, he's a symphath (check out the glossary for an explanation).

Butch and Marissa are next.

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Another book that leaves me somewhat speechless, but at least I think I can come up with a review that is somewhat coherent.

Sascha Duncan is a Psy a race of people who have basically banned all emotions in the attempt to stop violence, of course by banning all emotions they've basically created a race of unfeeling psychopaths. Sascha's problem--she feels emotions, but has learned to hide this.

Lucas Hunter is the alpha of the DarkRiver leopard pack, actually he shapeshifts into a panther. He's investigating the serial killing of changelings by a member of the Psy and he's doing this under the guise of a business arrangement with the Duncan family business.

Ms. Singh's world building is handled smoothly and flows into an alternative world filled with Psy, changelings and humans (though we don't see humans in this story). The attraction between Sascha and Lucas is instantaneous and slowly builds through the story. The story's conflict isn't really between them, the conflict is dealing with the Psy without them realizing it. The Psy function and live through an intricate system called PsyNet. Kind of like what we know as the internet yet instead of connecting computer networks, they're connecting brain functions in a telepathic way. This becomes an important part of the story as Sascha needs a telepathic network in order to survive. They mystery is handled well, the story flows smoothly. The secondary characters are well developed and interesting.

This is a wonderfully told story, I'm looking forward to the next in the series.

What to say??

I've been trying to formulate my thoughts about Lover Awakened for the past 2 days, but every time I start to write something I find it's filled with spoilers and that's not fair to anyone who hasn't read it yet. I'm rereading parts in the hope I can come up coherent non-spoiler comments.

I also finished Slave to Sensation, wow, it was like reading Linda Howard or Nora Roberts trying to channel Jayne Ann Krentz and putting a whole new spin on the telepathy thing, throw in the fact the hero is an alpha panther changeling and it's a book you can't put down. I'm adding Nalini Singh to my authors who write "great men" list.

Heading to 7:30 Mass, so I have to go, sometime today I should be able to come up with reviews/comments for both of these books.

We'll talk later.

Friday, September 1

some thoughts, questions and observations...

Pulled from the October's RT Mailbag (page 6)...

Time travel and paranormal are going to destroy what have been known as romantic books...

Give it a freaking break. These books have been around for years, their growing popularity (though how popular are time travels right now?) fits with genre cycles. Don't like them, don't read them, when their sales start to fade something else will come to to forefront.

Also from RT...

A letter from Judith McNaught (ad on page 12):

Dear Reader,

When the hardcover edition of
Every Breath You Take was published, there was an overwhelming uproar from reader's about the hero and heroine and their love story...

I've decided to expand their story in the paperback edition...

I read this book, did I miss the "overwhelming uproar"?

Why are Danielle Steel's books considered romance?

October looks like slim pickings (at least for me), but December looks pretty good. New books from... Eloisa James, Karen Ranney, Meg Cabot, Linda Howard, Marjorie M. Liu (though I don't read her), Aliison Kent (SG-5), Erin McCarthy to list a few.

My husband finally finished Holly Lisle's I See You. To quote him "It was pretty good, even with the ghost thing." I figure that's probably high praise considering he thinks I read nothing but trash. The "ghost thing" left me scratching my head, the man lives and breaths Stephen King, hello, the king (haha, sorry for the bad pun) of things that go bump in the night, including ghosts, can the man say "The Shinning"? Now he's reading Nora Robert's Northern Lights, which "isn't bad so far."

Books, books and more books...

So, I ran into the bookstore yesterday to pick up the last of my August book order and guess what???? Some of my September books were already in. Can you hear me squeeeeiiiiiinnnnnng???

August books:

  1. Summer at Willow Lake -- Susan Wiggs
  2. Darcy's Story -- Janet Aylmer, which I think was part of my July order, but the bookstore had a hard time getting it, on backorder for 2 months.
  3. The Privilege of the Sword -- Ellen Kushner

September books:

  1. Lover Awakened -- JR Ward, finished this one before going to sleep last night, I'm going to let it roll around in my head for a couple of days before commenting. But, I will say Butch's story is next, can't wait.
  2. Slave to Sensation -- Nalini Singh, this one's up next.
  3. To Rescue a Rogue -- Jo Beverley
  4. His Mistress By Morning -- Elizabeth Boyle
  5. Everything's Coming Up Rosie -- Kasey Michaels.

Also picked up the October issue of RT. Now, I'm officially broke and back on a budget, our school tax bill arrived yesterday--went up almost 8%, we weren't expecting that.

Have a great day, and happy reading, I know my reading will be very happy!!