Saturday, September 16

A couple of things on a busy Saturday...

1. My first official column is up on Romancing the Blog today. Well, actually it's my second column, my first was special guest blog back in December.

2. I found this great quote over on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread (Sybil)from Jane... "I am all erotica'ed out. I read 6 books last week. They were all bad. All about sex. None about romance. One made my eyes bleed." My first reaction was "Yikes, Jane, you don't read 6 in one week, you read 1 a week for 6 weeks." I know there are people who read erotic romance exclusively, but I'm never going to be one of them.

My parents are coming today for a visit and I haven't cleaned the house.

Have a good one, happy reading.


Wendy said...

I love erotica and erotic romance - but there is no way I could read 6 in one week. Heck, I couldn't read 6 of any sub genre in a week - because sooner or later I hit at least one dud or ho-hum book and I get burn out.

Actually I might be able to do this with westerns - but only for tried-and-true authors or imprints (thinking about HH here....)

Jaye said...

No way am I reading 6 erotic romances in one week, unless.... we're talking authors like Emma Holly, Lisa Valdez. Actually, not even. I'd need a break in between.

btw, Jordan Summer's has a blog post up asking the question if the excessive sex in romantica is desensitizing. I took my initial reply to my own blog because it was so long winded. Now I'll have to check out the comments on Sybil's blog.

Sam said...

I don't think I could read 6 of any one genre in one week, lol, unless it was a series and I was completely hooked.
But I admit that sometimes I get erotica'd out and start skipping the sex scenes to get to the story.

Rosie said...

Wow, I posted in this same vein this week too. I love erotic/romantica/erotic romance too, but I haven't read a good one in a while. I too wonder, along with Jordan, if we (me) are becoming desensitized.

Coincidence? Or is there a reason so many of us are asking the same sorts of questions?

Jane said...

In my defense, if I have one, is that I was reading a couple that were sent to me for review by ebook authors. I guess all ebooks are now hard core erotica. One was from an author who I had given a decent review from. Two others were Aphrodisia's I bought and one was one that was sent to me by a friend. Because I had read Aphrodisia in the past, I didn't really understand what I was getting into. But alas, I guess it will make for fun reading at the blog next week.

Part of the problem is that now, all sex scenes are starting to bother me. One of the reasons that I responded so well to Linden's book was the lack of actual sex that took place. There was a lot of sexual tension but little intercourse which made the book so much more interesting.

Tara Marie said...

Wendy, I've read not 6 of the same sub-genre, but 6 by the same author--that maybe worse--LOL. It not only burns you out of the sub-genre, you never want to read the author again either.

Jaye, I could probably read authors like Emma Holly and Lisa Valdes, because they may be erotic but they're also different categories--contemporaries, historicals etc.

Sam, skipping sex scenes, I do this all the time especially if I'm really into the story.

Rosie, I posted to your blog post about erotic overload.

Jane, all sex scenes are starting to bother me. I think when we read a lot of erotic/romance we end up feeling been there done that.

You're going to convince me to move the Linden from good to very good--LOL. Your right the slow building of the sexual tension was very good.

Jenster said...

Great column, Tara!!!

CindyS said...

Loved your column and basically all those before me said it all. I would just like to see a heroine who loves her freckles - I have freckles in the summer and my hubby loves them and so do I. I miss them in the winter ;)

Also, super envious over your clean house. I swear, cleaners with bleach are not around like they used to be. I have sent Bob out looking and he has gone to every store he can think of and can't find any. I don't know whether I should use a foaming cleaner and add bleach to it.

Mr. Clean used to have a liquid cleaner with bleach and so did those Clorox wipes but both containers have changed and I think I'm going to call the companies to find out why.
See, you helped me find a solution. Off to the manufacturor's site!


Tara Marie said...

Jen, thank you.

Cindy, I've got freckles lots and lots and never wear foundation--freckled and proud--LOL.

As to bleach, well I use Clorox Cleanup (which has bleach) or I mix bleach with dish soap. And definitely pour straight bleach into the toilet and the bottom of the bath tub.

Kate D. said...

Great post on Romancing the Blog! I just left my comment there, but I wanted to let you know here, as well, how much I enjoyed it.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Kate, thank you. I actually had fun writing it.