Friday, September 15

Giving up on one and starting another...

I hate to admit I'm giving up on Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll. It has nothing to do with the story, which is very good. I simply can't read it. The print is so small that even with my glasses I'm getting headaches and eye strain. I'll finish it, but in small doses between other books, so I wont really consider it a DNF, because it truly doesn't deserve DNF status. I guess I need new glasses, but my insurance wont pay for another pair for 3 more months, I'll hold out that long.

I started reading Susan Wiggs' Summer at Willow Lake this morning. I just realized I haven't read any of her recent contemporaries and am looking forward to this one. We live in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains and this is set in the Catskills. Ms. Wiggs lives in the Pacific Northwest and I'm hoping she's either been to the Catskills or did really good research, as it will be like reading a book set in my own backyard.

What's everyone else reading?

Have a great day and happy reading.


Jenster said...

I'm hoping to finish the second Harry Dresden book while waiting for DH at the airport.

Then I think I'm going to read an older Loretta Chase. Either "Viscount Vagabond" or "Devil's Delilah", whichever comes first in the book.


Kat O+ said...

Just finished Christine Feehan's Mind Game and loved it. Skimmed through Anne Stuart's Black Ice but probably won't read it through. Read On the Way to the Wedding and really liked it but not as much as some of the other Bridgerton novels. Trying Shelby Reed sometime very soon but I'm putting it off to prolong the anticipation.

Devonna said...

Tara ~ I read this a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

I have Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife on my wishlist. I wonder if it'll ever be out on audio? I have bad eyes anyway and the idea of reading the small print gives me a headache.

I just finshing Anyone But You by Crusie last night and started The Wyoming Kid by Debbie Macomber.

Bookwormom said...

I'm 200+ pages into St. Raven by Jo Beverley, but I dislike the heroine so much I'm giving up. I'm not sure what I'm gonna try next.

Tara Marie said...

Kat, I haven't read Feehan for a while, I burned myself out reading 5 or 6 in a row. I'm an Anne Stuart fan so I liked Black Ice. I've not read Shelby Reed, I'll look for your comments.

Devonna, it's worth reading, but if you can't find it in audio maybe the library will have it in large print?

Amanda, yikes, I didn't finish St. Raven either--I hate when that happens.

I remember seeing your review of SAWL, but decided not to read it because it was on my TBR pile and didn't want to influence what I was reading.

Zeek said...

Hmm. I was wondering how other people would take MDTAW, I liked it a lot but can see why others would not ...

I''m reading Sabrina Jeffries Never Seduce a Scoundrel, which I would have finished over the weekend if I hadn't had so much going on! I'm also in the the midle of Vanak's The Panther and the Pyramid both are really good so far.