Friday, September 8

Don't Feed The Bear

Yesterday I get a phone call from my mom...

Mom: "Fran saw a bear in her driveway the other day." Fran is Mom's next door neighbor.
Me: "Oh, My God."
Mom: "It ran up the hill to Underhill."
Me: "You're kidding. Could it have been a big black dog?"
Mom: "No, she's sure it was a bear. I probably should have mentioned it before we babysat on Tuesday."
Me: "That's okay, it's not like he plays outside at your house. How big was it?"
Mom: "Five foot."
Me: "Wow, that's big."

My parents live less than an hour north of NYC, not prime bear territory.

Today I was thinking about bears in my parents backyard and then it hits me. Mom feeds the birds and racoons every day. Now, I'm worrying she maybe feeding the bears. Yikes, I call her and tactfully ask if she's still feeding the racoons.

"No, I did throw some bread out to the birds, but your sister already gave me the Don't feed the bear lecture." So, I'm thinking What, bears don't eat bread? But decide it's better to leave that one alone.


Devonna said...

We had a bear in town a few months ago ~ and the authorities took care of it in the most inhumane way possible. In the same week, we also had a Coyote ~ and they took care of him in the same way. Why they couldn't have used a tranquilizer dart and just moved them out of town, I have no idea. It seems like there are more and more stories of wildlife coming into city limits.

Tara Marie said...

Devona, I hate to hear about authorities being inhumane, it's not the animals fault that we encroach on their territories. We have coyote in our area and my mom told me this morning that a rabid raccoon was killed near my sister's house.