Wednesday, September 13

You know I never realized there were so many hidden costs to raising a 5 year old. Obviously, we're choosing to pay tuition, he's been in school a week and so far we've also spent this month...
  • $16 for learning supplies (teacher orders)
  • $10 for his first "book fair"
  • $25 soccer registration (his first game is 9/23)
  • $25 shin guards and socks (we don't need cleats this year)
  • $16 for gym uniform
  • $25 basketball registration (starts in November, "instructional league" his school is basketball crazy--2 courts in the gym and 3 more outside--there's only 180 kids in the whole school, apparently everyone plays, between school leagues and CYO they have basketball programs running year round)
  • $95 Little League registration (this is for spring ball, we missed fall ball, that registration was in June)
  • $??? we're already selling Gertrude Hawke candy bars as a fundraiser, I had a toffee almond one for breakfast, I'm afraid to see how much we'll be buying.

My son doesn't understand that he doesn't get to keep the money from the candy sales. When I explained it was a fundraiser for school and we would have to turn the money I got "I do the work and they get the money?" Yep.


Rosie said...

Oh the days of fund raisers. We didn't have tuition and it was still a struggle with our two boys sometimes. We still think those were some of the most fun and best years, but we say that now too and they are 16 and 19.

spy scribbler said...

LOLOL ... funny son. They're so smart so young!

Jenster said...

LOL! Such a smart and funny little guy.

I'm sure you already know this, but the money thing doesn't get any better as they get older.

I agree with Rosie. Every age seems to be the most fun and best years. That's such a good thing to be able to say. :o)

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, it does seem every age is the best, we thoroughly enjoy our little guy.

Sybil, there are days he frightens me with just how smart he is.

Jen, I know, I know the cost goes up as they age, yikes.

sybil said...

awwww you love me! hee I think your son is super smart too but that comment came from spy scribbler ;)

Damn girl, how many sports are you putting that child into?

lil sis tried out different things from four and up, quitting the majority of them within a year or so of starting. She kept going with volleyball and just made her middle school team.

Out of 70+ girls they picked two teams of 15. She made the first team! Very exciting *g* and this is even with her being excused from PE because of her brace (which she hates but that is another story).

I hope jr finds the sport he loves *g*.

Tara Marie said...

Sybil, are you spy scribbler?? None of the sports over lap so we decided to let him try whatever he wants and stick with the ones he really likes.

Good for your sister, I played volleyball. Our school has a great volleyball and soccer program too, but honestly the whole bunch seems to be basketball crazy.

sybil said...

LOL no no no

but you said sybil when you were answering spy scribbler... I think...

Sybil, there are days he frightens me with just how smart he is.

I was just teasing you, cuz that is my job *g*