Tuesday, September 26

No reading last night. Why? Homework, dinner, soccer game, baking cookies for school. It was the baking cookies for school that did me in. Today they're celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday along with 4 of the kids in Junior's class. I promised juice and cookies, 9 o'clock last night I'm baking chocolate chip and sugar cookies--I tried buying them at ShopRite but they were sold out--10 cent a cookie sale. Now I could have read something if I bothered to get up off the couch and go upstairs and get my book, but I put on the Yankees instead and watched them kick poor Tampa Bay's butt, which was a relief since they'd lost the last two games. Not that any of this matters as they've already clinched.

Hey Kristie, guess what book I found in a little UBS in Point Pleasant, NJ--Lisa Gregory's The Rainbow Promise. I bought it while we were on vacation and completely forgot about it. Found it under the passenger seat of my mini-van yesterday. It was a nice surprise.


Rosie said...

I've got to quit blog hopping. You guys keep talking about books on my keeper shelf that detract me from my TBR! I remember the two Rainbow books by Jill Gregory with alot of affection. But I'm NOT going to go pull them off my shelves...I'm NOT.

Kristie (J) said...

Ooohhh Score!!!! These two - The Rainbow Season and the Rainbow Promise are finally together after many years apart. Have you read The Rainbow Season yet??

sybil said...

Have you read Season? I have promise but am trying to find Season first.

and trying

and trying

If you read it without reading Season do tell if you likey.

Tara Marie said...

Ladies, I do have The Rainbow Season and thoroughly enjoyed it, that's why I did a happy dance when I found Promise.