Thursday, September 27

Completely Out of the Loop

It may be hard to believe but over the last 2 months I've not read or bought one new or used book.

Yes, you read that correctly--LOL.

Not one book during the months of August and September. I've been rereading and I read an ARC of Lynn Viehl's Evermore, the next book in the Darkyn series. I did pick up the last three issues of RT at the bookstore the other day, but haven't had time to actually read them yet.

So, what are the must reads I've missed?

ETA--I've done a quick run through all three RTs and have come up with a "wish list" but not too big all things considered, so suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

Wednesday, September 26

Finding Me Time Is Harder Than I Thought

Hi Everyone, really I'm still around. I'd given myself an unofficial date to get back to blogging of September 26th, I used my RTB due date as deadline. As you can see I just made it :) Honestly, it's been incredibly hard finding "me time" during the last 2 months. Apparently "me time" will be coming between 5 and 6 in the morning.

Junior is having an interesting school year. Academically he's doing well, he got a 100% on his first official test and has a math quiz this week, that should be interesting. But, his behavior has been iffy. It seems he's a little "chatty", there's a shock--LOL. Sorry Wendy and Kristie, he loves his Yankee backpack :)

My work schedule is now 9-2, which is much more manageable than 11-4. School and Church commitments are still leaving me little free time, but I enjoy what I'm doing. I work Saturday mornings so I miss soccer games, but I do go to Thursday soccer practices. I'll send the hubby with a camera this week and hopefully post a picture of Junior while he's playing goalie, there's a huge difference between when he played last year and this one. He actually pays attention.

I've finished 3 books this week, an ARC of Lynn Viehl's Evermore (the next book in the Darkyn series)--loved it :), and two Lisa Kleypas rereads.

I'm heading off to blog hop, hope all are well.

Have a great day and happy reading.

ETA--I just finished a quick blog hop and Meljean rocks--LOL

Thursday, September 6

Taking a break...

Hi everyone,

A quick post to let everyone know things are fine, but incredibly hectic. Junior started school. The committees I'm on for school are keeping me very busy and add to that 7-8 hours every day training for my new job and I'm asleep at 11 and back up at 5. The job training should be done next week, so things should loosen up soon.

I took first day of school pictures, and will post them when I get a chance.

Our new Pastor is very hands on and is involved with all aspects of marketing for the school, since I am the marketing committee, I'm visiting the rectory every couple of days :)

When I'm finished with the job training I'll be working 5-6 hours per day and my hours will match Junior's school hours.

Hope all are well and can only hope to be back blogging in a couple of weeks.

Take care,