Thursday, September 6

Taking a break...

Hi everyone,

A quick post to let everyone know things are fine, but incredibly hectic. Junior started school. The committees I'm on for school are keeping me very busy and add to that 7-8 hours every day training for my new job and I'm asleep at 11 and back up at 5. The job training should be done next week, so things should loosen up soon.

I took first day of school pictures, and will post them when I get a chance.

Our new Pastor is very hands on and is involved with all aspects of marketing for the school, since I am the marketing committee, I'm visiting the rectory every couple of days :)

When I'm finished with the job training I'll be working 5-6 hours per day and my hours will match Junior's school hours.

Hope all are well and can only hope to be back blogging in a couple of weeks.

Take care,



Rosie said...

Can't wait to see Jr.'s pictures. I'm glad things are going well even though you are busy as the dickens.

Bookwormom said...

It has been way, way too long since I posted here, Tara. So to try and catch up:

1. I hope your dad is ok.

2. Congrats on the new job

3. Belated happy birthday to Jr.

4. What kind of marketing are you doing for your church?

5. Can't wait to see the school photos!

Jenster said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

You sound busy, but good. No doubt you're ready for training to be over.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Rosie, I promise to post pictures soon. :)


1. Dad is doing great.

2. Thank you

3. Thank you again :)

4. I'm doing marketing/publicity for the school not the parish...
a. Newsletters
b. Brochures
c. Website
d. Targeted Mailings
I'm also on our major fundraising committees, and I work extra bingos as needed.

5. If I can find time over the weekend I'll try to post pictures.

Jen, see Rosie and Amanda re: pictures :) I'm not so sure I want training to be over. On one hand the hours will be better, but on the other I'll actually have to take live calls from not so happy customers--I'm not sure which is worse :)

CindyS said...

Can't wait for Jr.'s pictures cause I know they'll have his personality stamped all over them ;)

You've been really busy but I'm glad that you are almost done your training although taking phone calls from unhappy people is not something I would look forward to!


Giselle said...

I took calls from unhappy people for almost seven years. It made me very cynical (people are mean!) and gave an extreme aversion to the phone. To this day my friends are forever complaining cuz I never call them.

Can't wait to see the pics!

Sam said...

You sound terribly busy! I hope you find some free time for yourself. To read - to blog. Perchance?

Kate Diamond said...

How's everything going? I hope you're finding a way to manage your stress.

vanessa jaye said...

Hey, hon, hope things are going well and you're not stressing. Halloween ain't to far away, Jr know what he wants to be?

Melissa said...

Hey sometimes when it gets hectic and busy, we have to take a 30 minute bath at night and read something romantic and inspiring to keep us mom's going. Try, The Sapphire Pendant. This intriguing novel about love and family had me turning pages until I reached the end. And I am sure reduced a few age lines in the process. :)

Dev said...

Wow, Tara, you have got a lot going on. Hope you're enjoying your hiatus and I'm looking forward to Junior updates when you get back!

Jenster said...

Just wanted to let you know you're missed!!

Hope all is well.