Friday, September 29

The little terror strikes again...

Once again the teacher wanted to talk to me after school. It seems the child makes mean/ugly faces when he doesn't get his way. Like this is news to me. Yesterday they saw a movie about strangers and they had an accompanying coloring book to send home so the parents could go over it with the child. My child announces, he's got a coloring book and doesn't need another. (I'm thinking Al Pacino in Scarface--"I don't need no stinking coloring book") and apparently the face he made matched. That got him his name on the board--strike one.

Then he continued to argue with the teacher about not wanting the color book--strike two.

Then he caused a problem in the bathroom, roaring and yelling--strike three.

Strike three means no recess and he gets to sit in the principal's office while the other kids are outside having fun.

It's the 3rd full week of school and he's had his name on the board 6 times and has lost recess twice. I somehow managed to make it through 13 years of elementary, middle and high school without seeing the inside of a principal's office. I'm blaming all this on my husband, he too was mischievous and at one point had to eat lunch in the principal's office everyday, but I think that was 4th grade not Kindergarten.

Oh, and the face he made. Made it for me this morning--he wasn't happy with me. "That's the face I made at Mrs. T___." I had to leave the room because I couldn't let him see me laughing.


Rosie said...

Sometimes a sense of humor is all a parent has between them and the loony bin. It's always a challenge balancing between taking a situation seriously and not over reacting.

Junior sounds like a gem!

Bookwormom said...

Our famous K incident was with Son #2. He was home with me full time until we put him in preschool, so after he turned three he refused to take afternoon naps. This was fine with me.

Flash forward to K. Because of where his bday falls (early Oct. he'll be 11 soon), he was actually nearly 6. Way too old for naps by anyone's measure (except mine, I love naps).

Teacher pulls me aside one day & says, "Son #2 won't sleep during naptime."

"Well, he hasn't taken naps since he was 3. Is he waking others or disturbing the people next to him?"

"No, but he really needs to sleep during naptime."

"Well, unless he's waking others or disturbing them, I can't help you. There's no way you can force him to sleep. He knows how to read, why don't you give him a book to read?"

Teacher glares. Has no alternative suggestions, however. Son #2 now reports she never 'believed' he could read or gave him books.

Best luck w/ JR. I've my hands full w/ Son #2 as well. 2 older sibs- never in trouble in school. Ever. Older son is a senior in HS this year. Son #2 has more than made up for them.

Kristie (J) said...

From all your stories about Junior, he's going to give you run for your money. He sounds so grown-up and serioius and hilarious at the same time. I know what you mean about having to leave the room when he made the face. I had to do that with Brent many a time. I knew he was going to be a handful from Kindergarten on when I got a call from the teacher. Brent had been asking the girls to climb up the monkey house so he could look up their dresses. *sigh* it went on from there.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, I have to laugh, nothing is so horrible that I can't see the humor in it, at least so far.

Amanda, the nap thing amazes me, so many kids stop taking them at 3, but they still want them to stay quiet during that time. Mrs. T isn't crazy about this, or we'd be getting calls about this too--LOL.

Kristie, he is serious and funny at the same time. When he was telling me about his day yesterday his little voice got real deep and serious it was all I could do not to laugh, but he was being so good and telling me everything he did wrong. He's just too cute.

Looking up the girls dresses in Kindergarten, God bless you he must have been a piece of work--LOL.

Lori said...

Oh, Tara Marie, I can SO relate. My younger son is the same way. In the first three weeks of school - in the proncipal's office 2 times. He's in 4th grade. What's his excuse? He already knows all the rules. No judgement, I tell ya.

I think it's a younger son thing. My DH is a younger son, and my MiL tells me he was the same way, too. So, go ahead, blame your hubby! *g*

Bookwormom said...

Wow.Lori- what is it about 4th grade?! Son #2 was a 4th grader last year & boy the stories I could tell you! We've got our fingers crossed for this year.

Sam said...

Oh, Jr. Sounds so cute!!!
One of my twins was a mischievous boy and Always getting trouble at school. He is now studying psychology and is a volontary fireman, lol!

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