Monday, February 15

Some random thoughts...

It's been a very strange winter in our neck of the woods.  Very little snow, but very cold.  The river behind our house is frozen over.  We're expecting some snow tonight (4-8"), but certainly nothing like the Mid-Atlantic States have seen this winter.

With the snow coming tomorrow, I'll have to drag the poor child with me to work on our day off.  Though I think we may make a trip to the UBS first.  I made a list and realized most of the books fall into the Regency-Victorian period.  I need to go outside of my current comfort zone and maybe I'd read with more consistancy rather then in reading binges, with massive dry spells in between.

Is anyone watching the Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  series on PBS?  We watched last week and it was very interesting.  Gates (the Gates of the beer summit) researched the geneology of 12 well known Americans.  The first episode was very interesting and we (the hubby and I)  are looking forward to the rest of the series.

When I was a child I LOVED the olympics.  I can barely work up luke warm enthusiasm now.  And it seems like children aren't as interested in them either.  I wonder did the end of the Cold War ruin the olympics??  No more us vs. them.

Now that I've bored anyone that stopped by...  Have a great day and happy reading.


Wendy said...

I still like to watch the Olympics, I just watch different events now. When I was a kid I couldn't get enough of the ice skating - but these days I tend to focus on hockey, speed skating, snowboarding and some of the skiing events.

Heh - and mostly just the men's events. I'm not sure what that says about me as a woman. Probably nothing good.

Tara Marie said...

If I'm going to watch any of it, it would be the hockey and speed skating, maybe some bobsledding. I guess that would say something about me too :)

BevBB said...

Yes, strange weather. Don't know what part of the country you're in, but here in western Kentucky we're not used to having snow on the ground for two weeks straight.
It's not the snow, mind you, - cause there's only a few inches of it, nothing like up in the Northeast - it's the fact that it hasn't melted that's so weird. o.O