Monday, December 22

Loving it... Not

Over the weekend I planned on writing a post about how much I'm enjoying reading again. That I am enjoying just about everything, and even when I'm not loving every book at least nothing has been a wall banger. That I'd blog hopped around, found a list of recommended reads and with Barnes & Noble Gift cards in hand, bought 3 books and planned to settle in and read...

Well, I'm 130 pages into the first book and am about ready to throw it against a wall. I'm not going to mention the book at this point, maybe it gets better, maybe I'm simply missing what makes it a "recommended read".

On to other things--it snowed here this weekend. It snowed and snowed and snowed. We have about a foot of the white powdery stuff. Thanks to the snow the baking and candy making are just about finished, and there's only a tad bit of wrapping left.

All is good, take care and happy reading.

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