Tuesday, December 16

What's Happening?

Well, it seems I disappeared for 9 months. Much longer than I had thought. This will hopefully be a quick catch up...

Junior is great. He turned 7 in August, had his first Cub Scout Campout Columbus Day weekend, was a hunter for Halloween, made his First Confession last month, received his first report card for 2nd Grade and can not wait for Christmas. Every morning he wakes up and does countdown til Christmas, "10 more days..."

We gave him a Wii for his birthday, loves it, but we obviously had to set limits. He can only use it Friday, Saturday and Sunday when he has school. This has worked out pretty good--he's not addicted to the thing.

The Cub Scout Campout was incredible. Our group is sponsored by our church, so our Pastor came and said Mass on Saturday night by the campfire--it was amazing.

Halloween is interesting at our house. The child doesn't really like candy, but loves to go door to door. Normally, I go with him while my husband gives out candy. This year the hubby took him around. He was amazed--everyone knows Junior.

First Confession was interesting. Junior was terrified, he hasn't seemed to master the "Honor they Father and Mother" thing, and figured he was in big trouble, but all went well.

That first report card got him in a ton of trouble. Not that his grades are bad, he has a 94 average. The problem was the C in conduct. Turns out the little clown we have at home is the same way in school, a regular little cut-up. Unfortunately, his teacher doesn't appreciate his Calvin and Hobbesesque humor the same way we do. "He needs reining in... he should have had a 98 or 99 average...he maybe cute now, but what's funny now may just be obnoxious when he's older..." Blah, Blah, Blah it went on for 20 minutes. I left the school not happy and in tears. My angel isn't such an angel--LOL. Well, we're reining him in, yet after talking to other parents, it seem the teacher is looking for "Stepford Children".

I'm expecting him to be up any minute and announce it's 9 days til Christmas.

The Job:
The job is great. I love working in the rectory. I'm very busy with the bookkeeping and I create the bulletin each week. It's funny and interesting to see all aspects of the priests' lives. In some ways they're different, but honestly men are men.

So, what have I been reading? Apparently, not much. What sent me blog hopping? Elizabeth Hoyt's To Seduce a Sinner--loved it!! It also sent me looking for her To Taste Temptation. I didn't love that one. In fact was really disappointed with that one, but I will say I loved the fairy tales in both books.

I don't have time to write anything else, hopefully I'll be back later. Take care everyone :)


Bookwormom said...

I've To Seduce A Sinner in my TBR, but haven't read it yet.

I'm glad the bookkeeping position is working out well. I wondered how the transition from home to work would go, but you seem to be quite adept at it.

Junior sounds wonderful as ever. The teacher-student relationship can be a rocky one, especially when the child is unique. Best wishes with that, our youngest is not known for being..er..docile & easy to manipulate & we're having regular run ins with one of his teachers.

Wendy said...

I swear I own every book Elizabeth Hoyt has written and do you think I've read any of them yet? Of course not!

Seriously, my TBR is beyond out of control.....

Jenster said...

So where are the pictures?

I don't think I like Junior's teacher. I'm just sayin'.

Tara said...

Jen--I'm not sure I like her either--LOL Just saying :)

Wendy--She's a favorite for me, not a huge backlist but I liked all but the one.

Amanda--I worked for a non-profit years ago as a bookkeeper, so the work isn't much different, but the balancing home and work is a little bit of a challenge. I guess more docile/easy to manipulate children make teaching easier, but I bet our kids are much more interesting :)

ReneeW said...

Glad to see you back! I also have To Seduce a Sinner in my TBR. I loved all of her "prince" series, all keepers for me. I enjoyed To Taste Temptation but gave it "only" a B, still a good read.

Karen Scott said...

Welcome back! About time too!