Saturday, August 29

Laundry, a Book Store Run, Sleeping in, Bingo and Mini-bikes

I desperately need to get some laundry done today--hate it.  I'll get over having to do laundry if I can get a book store run in, I've got quite a list going. 

Junior wants to go to Mass tonight rather than tomorrow morning.  This summer he discover going to bed late and sleeping in the morning is kind of cool.  We've informed him that starting Sept. 1st it's back to school bedtimes, he's not happy.  We start school really late this year--Sept. 9th.  Hate to admit this, but I'm one of those moms who count down the days until they go back--11 days :)  A bunch of school moms are  planning a back to school lunch.

Tomorrow is bingo, I try not to complain about working bingo, even though the old people are still cranky.  It saves each school family about $1,500 in tuition each year.  I've just started working Sunday bingos,  Junior and Dad like it since they have "Boys Day" when I'm not home.  I'm hoping that when I get home from bingo I wont discover a new mini-bike in the front yard.  Junior wants one and has been bugging us for the last week.  My niece has a 90cc dirt bike and he'd like one of those too, but that one I think he'll have to wait on.   She has been teaching him how to ride and he's loving it.  The hubby has a 1000cc Honda that's not on the road right now and I'm somewhat happy since Junior's been bugging to ride with Dad too.

Got to go things to do--no point in procrastinating.

Edited--Well, I wont be coming home to a mini-bike, we got our school tax bill today--all large ticket items are on hold until Sept. 30th and that bill is paid.

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