Wednesday, March 23

The Kindle Makes Me Very Happy

Three weeks ago I mentioned to my husband I was thinking about ordering a Kindle; and since he didn't object, make a face or ask my what's a Kindle, I ordered it.

This has to rank really high on my good decisions list. 

A few years ago, I had asked for an "e-reader" for Christmas.  My brother-in-law is supposed to be the king of gadgets in our family and he told my MIL to order a Franklin Bookman.  What a waste of money.  If memory serves correct, Meljean sent me Demon Angel, which I promptly downloaded onto the Bookman--it was a huge yikes to discover it took up all the space.  This swore me off e-readers for quite a while.

The Kindle makes me very happy.  As soon as I received it, I promptly downloaded all sorts of books--including Stephen Kings UR, which I loved.  Downloaded a biography of Amelia Earhart that Junior read for a book report that is due this week.  I even downloaded the Bible.  And still have an amazing amount of space available.  But what has me completely hooked--SCRABBLE.  Yeah, happy dance, I've read nothing since downloading that last week.

Got to go, I should have been in the shower 15 minutes ago.

Have a great day and happy reading.

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Dev said...

I'm in love with my Kindle. I got it on MOnday and have hardly put it down since!