Saturday, March 10

It's been 11 months since I visited my own blog--truly pathetic. 

I'd like to say I'm super busy, I'm reading--not a lot of new romance, rereading old favorites and I've started reading more mystery, but the reality is I've had no real interest in blogging.  I occasionally visit old favorites, like Wendy and Kristi, and I do go to Dear Author several times a week, to see what's going on in the romance reading world.  Unfortunately when I read the reviews at DA, I have no interest in the books--is it me or is mediocrity ruling romance right now? 

I miss my on-line friends and I'm sure I'm missing some great reads and would love to get back into the swing of things.

So, if any one happens by leave a book recommendation--it will be greatly appreciated.


Wendy said...

I've read three really good books this year and....they're all older releases. Wildest Dreams by Rosanne Bittner (recently reprinted by Sourcebooks), Conor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke and Firefox Bride by Maggie Osborne.

Everything else?


It also doesn't help matters that work has been a bit nutty, so my reading mojo has been all over the map.

Rosario said...

Hey! *waves* I've read loads of really good recent books.

A Lady Awakened, by Cecilia Grant, was great. Really fresh, a book with characters I don't remember ever reading.

Another good historical series is by Courtney Milan, who's fast becoming a favourite. The first one, Unveiled, was especially fantastic.

I'm really enjoying a series by Susan Fox, about 3 sisters travelling back home for their baby sister's wedding and finding love on the way. Love, Unexpectedly is my favourite so far.

I also loved Victoria Dahl's Donovan Brothers Brewery trilogy, which was a bit like a Nora Roberts trilogy, only a little bit spicier. My favourite was the last book, Real Men Will.

The last In Death book was good, too, a bit of a quiet entry in the series, reminded me of an earlier one, Witness in Death -kind of Agatha Christie-inspired.

And a few more: The Bro-Magnet, by Lauren Baratz-Logstedt (very funny, but read an excerpt first to see if the voice works for you), The Lady's Secret, by Joanna Chambers (heroine dressed up as a boy, in a way that was really well done)

Tara Marie said...

Hi Wendy :) I've read all three, and recently reread Connor's Way on my Kindle. My work and school schedules leaves only nighttime reading these days and I'd prefer to read something I'll enjoy--which means a lot of rereading.

Rosario--thanks for all the recs, I've not read any of these, including the newest in death. I'm going to head over to amazon and get the Grant and Milan books.