Thursday, March 22


Not much reading going on this week.  Junior is now in the 5th grade and is playing soccer, baseball and has a speaking part in the school's spring play.  Yes, I know he's a little over scheduled this spring, but the rest of the year isn't as bad.  In the fall it's only soccer, winter is basketball, and summer is basketball again. 

It has been incredibly warm in our area, today we are expecting temperatures in the 80's.  Junior gets to wear his "summer" uniform, which is shorts and a polo/golf shirt.  The kids love getting out of their white dress shirts and ties--though the other day he admitted to me that he thinks the dress uniforms make him look "snazzy".

I'm vacillating on whether or not to get the new JR Ward Black Brotherhood book. Hated the last one, but maybe not enough to put me off the series completely, and isn't this book Tohr's?? 

I just hopped over to Kristi's blog and she is also recommending the Victoria Dahl books that Rosario liked.  I'll be heading over to Amazon for downloads sometime soon :)

Life is good, have a great day and happy reading.

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