Friday, March 16

New Reading

This week I finished When Maiden's Mourn by CS Harris and Hunting Season by Liz Carlyle.  When Maiden's Mourn is part of the Sebastian St. Cyr series and once again CS Harris is wonderful.  Hunting Season is an older book/novella.  I don't remember ever reading it before, so I'm thinking it was part of a "novella" book with 2 or 3 other stories.

I finished Hunting Season this morning and expect to start the new Madeline Hunter tonight--I've no clue to the title, I've discovered since I've started reading on the kindle I seem to have become very vague to book titles, probably because I don't physically have the book in my hands.

I checked out the Cecilia Grant book that Rosario recommended, it reminded me of the Lorraine Heath book that was out last year--the title escapes me (the kindle is downstairs and my computer is up, and I'm too lazy to run down and get it :)  It sounds good, so that may be next.  After that I might try the Courtney Milan books, but the first has a courtesan heroine, not my favorite storyline, but I think I'll give it a try anyway.

I just visited Wendy's TBR Challenge post and holy cow, there are a whole bunch of blogs I've never heard of, I'm truly out of the loop, but at some point I'm going to try to visit all of them.

Book recommendations are always appreciated, have a great day :)


Marg said...

The Courtney Milan books were awesome, so I hope you enjoy them!

Tara Marie said...

Now, I know I need to try them, thanks Marg :)