Tuesday, December 1

EATING, SHOPPING, READING and another list

The title says it all!  Our weekend consisted of eating, shopping and reading, in that order :)
  • We went to my sister's for Thanksgiving, which meant I had to cook another Thanksgiving dinner on Friday.  The hubby doesn't like my sister's cooking--he prefers mine.  After 25+ years of marriage this isn't a shock.  That he's getting more vocal about it is a tad surprising.  He did like the gravy at my sister's (I made it, but the stock she made was great, which of course makes great gravy.)
  • Junior announced at Sunday dinner he was turkeyed out--nothing but turkey, turkey soup, sandwiches and Thanksgiving left overs since Thursday.  He did ask for the last of the turkey soup for lunch yesterday, so maybe he wasn't completely turkeyed out :)
  • Our local weekly paper has a "school section" and they occasionally visit schools and ask questions like "What are you thankful for?"  Junior's answer:  "All the American soldiers fighting for our freedom and pie.  My mom makes good banana cream pie."  Why the pie comment?  "Because I wanted you to have your name in the paper too."  Apparantly "My mom" qualifies as having my name in the paper too :)  I made a banana cream pie on Sunday.
  • No, we didn't shop on black Friday, but we were out bright and early on Saturday.  Toys r us was picked clean, but I managed to find some Christmas presents for our nieces and nephews.  Next up Kohls--they always have great sales.  Then it was on to Barnes & Nobles,  they were hositng a fundraiser for our school and of course it wasn't difficult to spend money there.
  • Our son is a geek.  Please note I've whispered this, because I believe my husband holds out hope that Junior will still be a great athlete, the child loves baseball, soccer and wants to play football next year, and Junior thinks "geek" is bad.  While we were in Toys r us he had a $25 gift card to spend--he chose books--LOVE THAT :)
  • Sunday was family day.  It started out (after Mass) as reading day, each of us with our noses in books for a large chunk of the day.   And then it became rocket day.  My husbands is reliving some of his youth, as a child he loved shooting off rockets with his brother.  He has passed on this love to our child and they had a blast (literally and figuratively), while mommy DSed in the car.
That was our holiday weekend--it was wonderful.  Have a great day, and happy reading :)

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