Wednesday, December 2

too much... not enough...

I had little bit of time to myself this afternoon, between doing laundry and washing dishes, before heading to work in our CCD office later.  Not enough time to start decorating for Christmas, but just enough to do some lurking on-line... 
  • Why do so many romance readers and writers look for the approval of the non-romance readers of the world? 
  • Do we have an inferiority complex that makes us feel the need to justify what we choose to read and explain why?
  • Why do we hyper-analyze what we read?
  • When did simply reading for pleasure go out of style?
  • Why do some people stir up trouble where there isn't any?
Just curious.

Now I have to wash dishes.  Have a great day and happy reading.


Wendy said...

Why do so many romance readers and writers look for the approval of the non-romance readers of the world?

I'm trying to get better about this. My problem is that I can't seem to "let go" of who is doing the disapproving. If it's some jack-off on the street, I'm not likely to care. Or I'll care enough to tell him to get bent as I flip 'im the bird. Eloquence thy name is Wendy.

It's the "industry" types who should know better that get my goat. Especially librarians. Don't get me started on librarians who look down their nose at romances. Frankly it strikes me as defeatist (ahhhh, yes - let's offend people who still like to read. You know, our clientele!) and it annoys the ever lovin' snot out of me. I try to be diplomatic, but it's getting harder to tell them to just retire and go away already.

Tara Marie said...

Wendy, I understand your frustration, but on some level I doubt they will ever get it. I've come to the conclusion that genre readers and romance readers in particular come at reading from a different perspective.

We want to be entertained. We want to escape. We want to believe in happily ever after. It's not about finding the deep hidden meaning of life and yet romance readers understand that happily ever after is the hidden meaning of life, isn't it?