Friday, August 3

Busy, Busy, Busy

It seems August will be a very busy month.

Between Junior's birthday next week, school obligations and a new job, my blogging schedule will be very limited. I even have a RTB post due next week and I haven't even thought about what to write.

Add to that the recent on-line craziness, that has sent me more into lurker mode than posting mode, I find myself not that interested in posting.

I finished Pride and Prejudice and a couple of other books that I need to review, but finding the time has been iffy. Hopefully I'll have them up sometime next week.

Once things settle down a little and I create a routine, blogging will hopefully be back to normal. Posting on my own blog may be limited, but I do plan to be blog hopping each morning before the day starts. Even if I'm not commenting, know that I am reading.

Have a great day and stay cool, it's mighty hot here in NY.


Jenster said...

Looking forward to your less hectic pace - as I'm sure you are, too.

I thought of you yesterday because the kids and I were going to drive to Strasburg and take the train just for fun. Unfortunately we all slept too late and had to be back by 4:00 so we drove to an outlet mall in Lancaster instead.

Happy early birthday to Junior!

Jaye said...

Jeez, September isn't too far away, is it? Where did the summer go?