Wednesday, August 15

Still breathing

Things have been incredibly hectic the last few days. Training is going fine, but it sits right smack in the middle of my day, which seems to be messing up my schedule. It's a month of training. My work schedule will be matched to the child's school schedule, I'm praying I have a handle on the whole thing by then.

My dad's surgery is tomorrow, if all goes well he should be home on Friday.

School obligations are taking up a LOT of time right now, but should slow down in the next week or so.

I'm lurking on blogs when I can and am getting some reading done.

Hope all are doing well.

Take care,



Jaye said...

Sending good thoughts for your dad, Tara.

CindyS said...

I'll say a little prayer for your dad tonight.

As to the school obligations, do you have to do stuff on the summer break or does Jr. go back early?

The kids here go back after Labour Day in Sept.


Rosie said...

Ditto on the prayers for your Dad Tara. Thanks for keeping us posted on what's doing. Try not to stress out.

Tara Marie said...

Jaye, thanks for the good thoughts, they're appreciated :)

Cindy, prayers are appreciated too.

I do have school obligations year round. I handle publicity and advertising for the school and am on two very busy committees.

He goes back September 5th.

Rosie, thank you :) A

Actually I'm not feeling stressed, but do miss my blogging time. Normally I blog first thing in the morning, but mornings are filled with other things because my training runs from 11-4.

Jenster said...

Busy, busy.

Prayers for your dad.

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Jen.

Tara Marie said...

Dad's out of surgery, and is in recovery. If all goes well, he should be home sometime tomorrow afternoon.

It turns out his blockage was 99%. Thank God he hadn't had a stroke.

Laura Florand said...

I'm glad it was caught in time and glad he did well. You all must be so relieved!

Rosie said...

TM, whew! That's sure good news about your Dad. I stopped by just to check and see if all was well. Thanks for the update.

Got a chuckle out of the backseat driving post. We CAN'T really be that bad...can we? :)

Tara Marie said...

Laura, very relieved is probably an understatement :)

Rosie, thanks for checking and yes, we can be that bad. I don't actually say much, I'm much more likely to give looks and grab the door handles to hang on--LOL.

CindyS said...

I'm glad to hear your father is doing well and 99% blocked? Holy cow. Lucky man.