Sunday, August 12

A quickie before hitting the shower and heading to Mass.

We survived Junior's last birthday party of the year. Guests started to arrive around 1:00 and the last left around 10:00 last night. I figured the child would sleep late--what was I thinking? He was up by 6:00 looking for me to put his new basketball hoop on the back of his bedroom door.

My SIL made up the goody bags. This years theme--Pirates. Last night Junior was running around with a napkin do-rag, eye patch, a sand pail for a peg leg and one of those telescoping thingies while singing "Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum..." I'm hoping someone will email us a picture (our camera's not working) or we will try to recreate it when the darned camera is working again.

I'm a little afraid to go downstairs. The house is a disaster. Why did I spend so much time cleaning before everyone came when after requires even more clean-up??

As I said before I start the new job tomorrow, what I didn't tell everyone I had to buy a new computer for it. The system we bought back in April has Windows Vista, I need XP for the job. After a little research I found out I couldn't load XP because Vista wouldn't find the drivers required? I had to special order a system with XP because all the "stores" in the area are only selling new systems with Vista. It came Thursday I hooked it up Friday. The geeky BILs supplied a monitor and a router which will be installed today and soon my already way too crowded home office will be even more crowded. The office is my catch all room (aka junk room). What a mess.

I can't decide which I should do first the office or the rest of the house.

ETA--cleaning up the house wasn't that bad, just some straightening. So, it's on to the home office.


Rosie said...

Can't wait to see the little scalawag in pirate get-up.

So are you nervous or anxious about the new job? You are going to be great you know.

Cleaning up after the party = not fun. Hope you get to relax a little this afternoon before your big day.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, He was a riot as soon as I can I'll post a picture.

I'm only a little nervous because I'm working from home, if I had to go into an office and meet a new boss and co-workers in person I'd probably be a lot more anxious.

The clean-up is done, the office is clean and I'm on hold with the cable company, I'm hooking up a router and have a couple of questions.

CindyS said...

You are my heroine. I've declared my house a disaster area and have thrown on the Bat Signal. I'm hoping little elves will show up while I sleep today.

I'm excited for you, I know you'll be able to do the job. It'll be whether you like it or not - Go You!


Jenster said...

So??? How's the job going?? I'm anxious to hear all about it.

Tara Marie said...

Cindy--honestly, I shouldn't be anyone "heroine" LOL. Actually when the elves are done at your house you can send them over--mess disasters seem to follow my kid around.

Jen--I have a massive headache from bank rules and regs. Thank God I'm done for the day and heading to the pool.