Friday, August 10

Holy Cow, it's August 10th and I haven't even picked up a book this month.

Junior turned 6 this week we're having our 3rd party of the week tomorrow. I've been cleanin the house like a fiend. The in-laws are coming. All week I was hoping it wouldn't be too hot, now I'm thinking it may be too cold for the kids to swim. It's 51 degrees right now, the pool dropped 10 degrees during the day.

Sunday we're going to the fair.

My new job officially starts on Monday, on-line training. And honestly the work I'm doing for the school seems to be a part time job too. Between the two my days are packed.

I'm hoping to find reading time in the evenings.


Rosie said...

Being busy is least that's what I keep telling myself. Dang the summer has flown by. I can hardly cram in my part time job these days. :) So did you go to 3 parties or Junior is getting his third birthday party? Wasn't sure about that.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates and all goes well with the party. Maybe a picture of the newly minted 6 year old is in order...what do you say?

Emily said...

Tell Junior Happy Birthday!!! I know what you mean about being too busy to read! I only finished one book last month. I was so disappointed!

CindyS said...

Three parties!! You are a great mom! I hope the pool warms up a bit - I guess you don't have a heater. I told Bob tonight that I'm getting in that pool tomorrow so he better turn on the heater!

Did I already congratulate you on the new job? On-line training? That sounds like a dream!

Enjoy yourself!


Tara Marie said...

Rosie, I'ts his 3rd--LOL. Sunday we celebrated with my family, Monday it was 3 hours at Chuck E. Cheese and Saturday it's with the in-laws.

As soon as I have a digital camera that works I'll post new pictures of the cutie pie. The rechargeable batteries wont take a charge and regular batteries haven't been working either. I'm starting to think the camera's going.

Emily, Thanks from Junior :) One book in a month, I'd be disappointed too :(

Cindy, I don't know about great mom, but I'm sure busy :) No the pool doesn't have a heater, but normally we don't need it. The pool sits in the sun from about 11-3 and that keeps the water pretty comfortable.

I really wanted to work from home, I'm hoping this works out for me. If not a school friend said her company would hire me in a heart beat. We'll see :)