Sunday, August 5

Can anyone explain why the child who has motion sickness in the car has no problem riding any amusement park or fair rides?

Have a great day.


PS I probably should point out I was the exactly the same as a child, and I'm pretty sure my parents can't explain it either :)


Ann Aguirre said...

Excellent question. And no, I can't.

Jenster said...

Just another unexplicable phenomenon.

I thought of you - well mostly Junior - yesterday as Taylor and I went to Lancaster just for fun. We drove by the Red Caboose Motel and Taylor said, "Aw, man! Why didn't we move here when I was little?? That's so cool!!"

Tara Marie said...

Hi Annie, like Jen says it's on of lifes little "unexplicable phenomenon" :)

Jen, I've probably told you this, we stayed at the infamous "Red Caboose Motel" when we went to Strasburg, Junior loved it--Mama not so much :) Not a bad place, just different.

Jenster said...

I remember you talking about it which is why I thought of you guys. lol I think Taylor was very jealous of Junior! :o)