Wednesday, April 18

The Best Laid Plans

Have you ever noticed one little change to the daily routine is enough to send everything into chaos?

After the child was dressed for school yesterday morning we discovered school was closed due to flooding in our area, not that we had a problem, but apparently there were roads in the area that were washed out and the local school district couldn't deliver children to school.

Okay I could handle this, or so I thought, I'd just bring the child on my errands and if bingo was still on I'd just have to bring him. After a few phone calls I still wasn't too sure, so I called the BF's mom and she was positive if school was closed so was bingo.


She (the BF's mom) calls me in a panic from the car, she's on her way to run errands and the parking lot is full and bingo is definitely on. She'd meet me at the school and take Junior for the afternoon. Thank God I'd gone to the bank early. Since I thought I had all the time in the world (the day), I blog hopped instead of writing commentaries on the three books I finished over the weekend. I didn't get dishes washed, the beds made, and the peas I'd soaked over night never made the transition to pea soup (ended up throwing out the peas--by the time I got home they smelled like they were fermenting--LOL). Nothing got cooked for dinner and we ended up with canned soup and cold meatloaf sandwiches.

So it turns out Tuesday bingo is only closed if Christmas and New Years Day fall on a Tuesday and maybe if there's heavy snow/blizzard. It seems the only other thing that will close it--a nuclear holocaust, and even that might be debatable. Who knew?


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that is toooooo funny, people loveses their bingo

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Bingo is serious business!!!