Tuesday, April 24

Once again life is interupting a huge TBR pile...

Between home and school obligations I'm finding less and less time to read. Most days are filled with time eating projects, too many. I'm probably spread too thin, the logic being, "I'm not working, so I've got time." To be honest I enjoy most of what I do for school, but more and more it's cutting into my time in the evening which is my prime reading time. One week a month (last week) is particularly bad with evening meetings, and T-Ball isn't helping. I know understand why people with more than 1 child end up eating take-out so much--non stop running around.

I've squeezed enough time out of my schedule to read about half of the new Linda Howard Raintree: Inferno It's obvious I'm a Linda Howard fangirl--I'm not horrified by the hero nor his behavior :)

When I saw the review of the new Loretta Chase book over on Dear Author I realized I haven't even ordered it yet (I didn't read the review, but did see the grades were good ones). I did pick up the new RT and saw Meljean Brook's Demon Moon got 4 1/2 stars, which I need to now right a review for--it rocked :D I have 2 other reviews to write and have another to read and review.

Hopefully things will calm down enough that I can start to catch up the thing I want to get to--READ.

Have a good one, and happy reading.


meljean brook said...

I've got Inferno on my TBR, too, but won't be getting to it, I think, until June or so.

I saw that review for DM in RT, too -- and I was shocked! shocked! and pleasantly surprised, because it was reviewed by the same person who didn't like DA all that much. So it gives me hope that anyone who doesn't like DA will now lurve DM, and I will be one step closer to ruling the world *grin*

Oh, god, back to work.

Rosie said...

I'm anxious to see what you think of Raintree Inferno. I'm finally reading Demon Angel. I decided I wanted it read before Demon Moon came out.

Elle Fredrix said...

Hi Tara Marie! I just discovered your blog, and how timely.

Yesterday, there was much debate over buying the new Linda Howard, and I still haven't decided. I've read every one of her books in the last 15 years or so, but the last few have left me wanting. I'll be haunting you to find out what you think of Inferno.

Tara Marie said...

Meljean, Nice review from RT :D I think it was better received because it was more of a traditional romance--DA might have been to epic in style for the reviewer? Maybe??

Rosie, Honestly, I'm almost finished with RI and I'm starting to think it was a slow week in blogville, it wasn't that bad. It's even given me an idea for a future RTB post.

Elle, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I'm probably not a good judge of LH's books, her voice and style almost always work for me. I may not "love" everything, but I also don't "hate" anything.

meljean brook said...

Nah, I think that in addition to the pacing problems and the confusing parts, she didn't like Lilith. Which was totally expected -- quite a few people didn't like Lilith or the demon-form that she used (it squicked them out).

Although I have learned that Lilith had a tail and wore stilettos from a couple of those reviews. That was interesting, seeing how differently people brought their own ideas of demons into it -- 'cuz though I wasn't specific in the description (mostly because it never occurred to me to describe her boots that well) I never imagined they were stilettos. Even a demon can't run in those *grin*

Jenster said...

I hate when life gets in the way - which is practically all the time anymore!

I seriously need to pick up the new Loretta Chase book ASAP.