Friday, April 6

Need a new look...

I need a new look, well not me, but rather the blog, actually I probably need a new look too, but really it's the blog that's kind of blah. Being rather clueless about html I kind of fudge my way around, with my old system I liked the pictures across and the fonts, but for some reason they look different with the new system. The title looks different and I'm not sure why.

Can anyone explain how to actually create a banner rather than just posting pictures like I'm already doing?

Can anyone recommend a safe font download site?

I wonder if there's "Blog/Blog Templates for Dummies"? :D


Rosie said...

I love my blog but GemmaK did it. I'm ready for a change but too timid to mess with it much. I'll be checking back to see what advice you get.

K2 said...

Actually there IS a blogging for dummies, but I don't know how much it covers about templates. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Actually - since you're mentioning your blog - I do have a bit of problem. At least on Firefox, the one picture runs into the first 3 or 4 lines of script. And since the picture is dark and the font is dark, it's very hard to read.
As for the rest, alas, I am completely clueless when it comes to that kind of thing :(

Laura Florand said...

Well, not that I'm a blogging expert, but when I set up mine through Wordpress, it had a kind of templates for dummies thing--you just looked through different templates and picked one. Then my husband adapted it to my look, such as it is. Doesn't Blogger have something like that?

Laura Florand said...

Are you counting down the chocolate-less hours now, like Jayne? :) It's almost over!

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, I like your template, I've been debating about breaking down and actually ordering a Gemmak one.

K2, I figured there's probably one. Maybe I need HTML for dummies.

Kristie, If raise your resolutions to 1024 x 768 it will probably come in right, but that's the problem, it's not a banner so the pictures rap around.

Laura, blogger does have pre-made templates, but I've exhausted all the ones I liked over the last 2 years.

And I am counting down the hours, to chocolate :D I've been extra good not having any on Sundays either.

CindyS said...

Wasn't there someone in blog land who was going to write tutorials on this stuff? I want to change mine too but I'm clueless and got mine from Pana-something - first link on my blogger list. She has some great ones (Rosario's is from her and a couple others have them also) but like you, I've exhausted them and want something different that I can change when I get bored.

On that note, I just bought some new throw pillows for our living room to make it feel more like spring. Yep. I'm that weird now.


Kristie (J) said...

Wow! I figured out how to do that!! Anyway, I can see much better now. Thanks. I know it doesn't help you with a new look, but at least I can see all the one you have now :)

Tara Marie said...

Cindy, I actually found a picture through your blog designer that I liked, but I still don't know how to make it work as a banner. Oh well, maybe some practice.

Kristie, I figured that one out when I was at my mom's last week and her computer was doing the same thing.

sybil said...

Well Maili was... soooo uh no clue. Don't look at me cuz I have no idea really how to do jack.

My banner was first done by maili, updated by cw, changed a touch by jane and sent to an old phile friend for the final touch. To be uploaded by jane.

LOL I have a server but don't ask me what the hell that means. If it turns out you find a banner but need to upload it somewhere, I do know I can 'host it' for you at Somehow. To explain it in techno language, I would send the file to jane and she does stuff.

Devon said...

I just spent a whole mess of time changing my blog to a non-Blogger provided look. I used the same site as Cindy (there's a link to it at my blog). I had to fix up a ton of stuff. There's a site called

They have a section called "header" among others. Maybe it'll help.