Friday, April 6

Bookcase = Clean House

My husband and I had been arguing discussing whether or not we should take a bookcase my mom wanted to give us. The DH doesn't want another thing brought into our already over crowded house. I on the other hand wanted it because I knew it would fit perfectly in our upstairs hallway. So yesterday I called and worked a little guilt left him a message at work, knowing he was on the road, and told him it was a family piece, passed down from my grandmother and I wanted it. Then I went and picked it up.

Somehow putting that bookcase in the upstairs hall lead to cleaning the entire house.

The plan was to use it for extra bathroom storage, as we have a teeny, tiny bathroom (100 year old house), so this lead to cleaning out and reorganizing the storage that was in the bathroom. Which lead to scrubbing the bathroom. Actually first I decided to vacuum the upstairs hallway so it was nice and clean under the bookcase. I had to move what was upstairs in the hall downstairs. It's hard to describe, kind of a long and narrow planter thingy that I was using for towel storage and decorative value. It ended up in the dining room with a dried floral arrangement in it,which looks great, but I made a huge mess putting the dried stuff together. This lead to dusting and vacuuming the dining room, and if the dining room is dusted and vacuumed, then the living room needs to be done. If the living room is done, then the front foyer needs doing. And if I do something with the foyer then I should really re-organize the toys and and stuff on the front porch. And of course if all this gets done, then the kitchen might as well get cleaned, though I didn't re-organize the cupboards.

Who knew one bookcase would lead to a clean house? :D

And then I realized it's two days until Easter and I needed to make chocolate and bake cookies to bring to my in-laws and I had 48 plastic eggs to fill for the kids Easter Egg Hunt.

PS I managed to make 3 lbs of chocolate without eating any. I've been very good and am now counting down the hours until Lent is over and I can have chocolate for breakfast Easter morning.


Rosie said...

I'm smiling and nodding my head because GG always knows that when something comes in the house and we rearrange the whole house gets cleaned. My kids moan in dread.

But it feels good to have it all done doesn't it? I can't believe you made chocolate without eating any. You, my friend, have some kind of will power!

CindyS said...

Wow. You and Rosie are freaks! ;) My husband only wishes that bringing stuff into the house caused a cleaning spree! Course, I'm not organized properly for cleaning - now that I'm in a two story house I don't have my cleaning supplies mapped out right.

That's my story.

Happy Easter! Good on you for not eating chocolate - I haven't stopped since Christmas.

Rosie said...

I had to laugh when I read Cindy's comment. My sons call me a freak all the time because I like things clean. There's something wrong with that?