Sunday, April 1

T-Ball and Palm Sunday

T-Ball has officially taken over our lives. Thursday's practice was at 5:30, we didn't get home until after 7:00. Friday there were team and individual pictures at the Firehouse (organized chaos). Saturday another practice. And for some reason the practices and games during the week all seem to be on days my husband works late. I get to be the taxi driver. Not that I really mind, I don't plan to be anti-social, but it does turn into an hour+ of reading time.

Yesterday both of us took him to practice, I'm rather relieved my husband isn't going to be one of those crazy sports Dads. We got home early enough to go to Saturday afternoon Mass. My husband's knees were bothering him, so he decided to stay home.

Palm Sunday Mass turned into Mommy torture. The child that's an angel at Mass when in school, who behaves when his father's there turned into demon child. Wouldn't sit still, used the palms as a sword, kept poking the people in front of use, sat on the kneeler and the floor, and then started talking and playing with the kid behind us. It didn't matter how many times I threatened he wouldn't remotely listen. By the time Mass was over all I wanted to do was grab him by the hair and drag him home. Very Christian of me isn't it?--LOL. TV privileges are gone, and if he misbehaves this badly ever again I've promised to bring him to Mass everyday until he decides he can listen and sit remotely still.


nath said...

LOL! that was a serious threat! hope he learns his lesson :P

K2 said...


That is one heck of a threat! He better be on his best behavior until you forget! ;)

Rosie said...

Palm Sunday and Saturday Easter vigil. Palms to play with and candles to play with. Torture for Moms with boys. Seriously, did you see any little girls making weapons out of their palms?

I had to smile though when you threatened daily Mass as a punishment. Been there done that. My husband always used to tell me that I was making Mass out to be something endured...which it was alot of times with two little boys.

CindyS said...

used the palms as a sword

Sorry, laughed too hard at this and I'm sure little girls find other ways to upset their mothers ;)

Jr. probably wondering how he can get his knees to hurt like dad's ;)


Tara Marie said...

Nath and K2, my biggest fear--actually having to carry it out.

Rosie, Palms as a sword--definitely a boy thing, the little girl in front of us sat nice and quiet never causing any trouble. My husband always used to tell me that I was making Mass out to be something endured... well, it's only fair since Mass has become something to endure thanks to the little monster--LOL.

Cindy, it's very convenient that the man's knees hurt, not really, but I'm sure the child would love to use it as an excuse.

Jill Monroe said...

Luckily for us, the waving and placing of the palms happened early in the service.