Monday, April 16

Rain and Reading

OMG, can it rain anymore? Honestly, I can't complain, imagine if the 7" of rain we've received was snow--YIKES!!

Schools all over the county are closed. Ours didn't even have a delay. The next door neighbor has water in her basement (not much), but ours is dry, thank goodness. The volunteer fire department's alarms have been going off every couple of hours and it's a little surprising when the Emergency Broadcast System goes off while you're in the car.

But all this rain left me with plenty of reading time over the weekend. I finally finished the new Jane Feather, Anne Stuart and Kathleen O'Reilly. All were B-/B. Hopefully I'll post some sort of commentary tomorrow.

Need to pick up my very smart child (see previous post :D)

Have a great day and happy reading.


nath said...

hey Tara Marie! can you imagine how the weather affects our life... it didn't seem as much when I was younger. Anyway, you're lucky, just rain. We got snow... very wet snow... :( but the worst? The wind!!!

Jenster said...

Our schools were delayed two hours yesterday. What a shock that was at 5:00 a.m. when the phone rang to let us know. We had no idea our rain was supposed to turn into snow. And the wind! Yikes. I kept waiting to see our roof get ripped off.

Tara Marie said...

Nath, yikes--very wet snow.

Jen, our area took a direct hit with the storm, so we didn't really see the snow, we did see high winds Sunday night and rain like I've never seen. There's a tremendous amount of flooding in the area, but hopefully things will get back to normal soon.