Tuesday, July 10

No idea what to call this post

We have some of our favorite bloggers heading out to the RWA Convention in Dallas. Jane, Kristie, Sybil and Wendy will be there along with 150+ other bloggers, and I'm sure all will have a wonderful time.

While the ladies are having fun in Dallas I will be working bingo and trying to stay cool in 95+ degree temperatures. I shouldn't complain, we spent a good chunk of yesterday in the pool with the BF and his Mom. All of us did a quick bookstore run (the BF's Mom is an avid romance reader too) and I picked up a few books and plan to spend as much time as possible floating in the pool and reading.

I have a hard time planning meals in the heat. We don't have air conditioning so I prefer not to cook. The child doesn't eat salad and the hubby doesn't really like fruit with dinner. Last night it was BLT's, a green salad (for the hubby) and fruit salad (for me and Junior). Tonight it will be salad with cold chicken for the parents and a sandwich and more fruit salad for the child. If I have enough time I'll pick up some fresh green beans and make a green bean salad, we all eat that.

Tomorrow my Dad goes to the specialist about the blockage in his carotid artery, we know it requires surgery. My sister is taking them to the specialist and we expect surgery will be sometime in the next few weeks. Though he will have to be off his blood thinning medication for 5 days before they can do surgery. We're all a little nervous. He's been through so much the last few years.

Have to go, hit the shower, drop the child off at the BF's house and head to school for a web-site committee meeting and then 5 wonderful hours of BINGO.

Have a great day and stay cool :)


Rosie said...

I'm with you on the summer time cooking. My nephew is staying with us this week and requested this enchilada casserole I make which requires the oven being on. Even with air conditioning an oven on when it's over 100 degrees is just misery. We survived and dinner was good, but I think we having brats on the grille and 3 bean salad tomorrow.

My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family and you Dad.

Rosie said...

::sigh:: your Dad. Hope it all goes well.

CindyS said...

I've been horrible about dinners (like usual) but I used to just take a potato plop it on the grill and then we used to have M&M steaks in the freezer and I'd put that on too. This was when I lived at home. Now, Bob won't eat a steak unless it's a tenderloin so that would take a trip to the store and well, a nap sounds better ;)

Hope you stay cool! We have showers tonight and tomorrow and hopefully the crazy hot spell will be over for a few days so I can shut off the air and open the windows.

I'll be thinking of your family and your father. I hope the surgery goes well and he heals quickly.


nath said...

sounds like you're busy and having a nice summer. Over here in montreal, the weather has been cold, but it seems that it's starting to pick up as well as humidity :( and your menu for supper sounds really yummy :D

Rosario said...

I actually have an easier time with summer meals than winter, because in summer I can just throw a salad together and call it a meal. In winter I need more healthy calories, and since I'm not a meat eater (just some fish, every now and then), that gets a bit harder. I end up eating lots of fatty stuff and carbs I shouldn't be eating.

I hope your dad's surgery goes well and he recovers quickly. I'll be thinking of you guys.

Tara Marie said...

First I want to thank everyone for all the good thoughts and prayers. Dad's surgery hasn't been scheduled yet and probably wont take place until sometime next month. We're releaved that the specialist doesn't feel the need to rush things.

Rosie, Ooooo, enchilada casserole, sounds so good, I'd love to see your recipe.

Cindy, my son loves skirt steak, my hubby loves porterhouse, I'm not real big on beef.

It's pouring right now so the heat finally broke.

Nath, it's the humidity that really gets to us. It wasn't real hot today but still real humid, had the kids in the pool for hours.

Rosario, I don't particularly like most meat--chicken breast is probably my favorite, if I have a favorite. I love salad, but I have such bad food allergies that my vegie and fruit choices are real limited.