Wednesday, July 18

I like to check out the search engine requests that somehow find me.

Yesterday's requests:
romance reading mom
air conditioner skunky smell
perfect judith mcnaught free download
romance quick reading
secrets of egypt's lost queen reenactments
midnight bride synopsis
jude devereux.
nalini singh visions of heat download
alexandra potter me and mr darcy
61 year old georgette porn star
mrs carrington download
my friends hot mom mrs. carrington
cian vampire dialogue
similar books to paullina simons bronze horseman
gross love scene cover of night
I deleted one that was too icky to post. Most are rather easy to figure out. I get "Mrs. Carrington" hits every day, I still have no idea where these originated from. And the 61 year old porn star has a certain yuck thing going on.

Was there a "gross love scene" in Cover of Night?

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Jenster said...

Don't you just wonder why some people search for the things they do??