Saturday, July 14

So while Jane, Kristie, Sybil and Wendy are off having a wonderful, fabulous, incredible time in Dallas, I'm spending my time trying to get the skunky smell out of my house. A skunk sprayed right outside our living room window when the window was open and a fan on. Have I ever mentioned I hate the smell of Febreeze? It's tied up with Junior and a car sick episode--yuck. Now the house smells like Febreeze and skunk.

I'd much rather be having lunch with Lisa Kleypas, talking to and taking pictures of fascinating people and not only meeting but talking to LINDA HOWARD.

I'm green, green I tell you :D


Rosie said...

Tara, I had to smile when I saw this because except for skunk and febreeze it's very similar to my post today. We gotta get ourselves to an RWA.

Jaye said...

And I had to smile because I can't stand the smell of Freebez because it is forever associated to that one time a mouse died in (between?) the walls in my last apartment. ugh. lol.

I'm enjoying the posted pics, but honestly, I guess I'm enough of a loner/hermit that I don't mind not being in the middle of that crowd of strangers/semi-stranges. Being *on* continually for such a long stretch of time in a social setting can get verra tiring after awhile. :-/

mamx said...

febreeze ! why would one think it smell nice? it is icky . now there are febreeze air sheet for the dryer argh!
chech out the pet store for anti skunk stuff. and call wildlife depart maybe? for advice on skunks?
ugh i hate skunk they are ugly things , and usally are road kill mostly way up here in canada .bleh mamx

Jenster said...

Oh Tara! I'm so sorry!!!

Jane said...

Yes, I totally hope to see you ladies at a future RWA. I definitely want to do this again.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, We gotta get ourselves to an RWA. Truer words have not been uttered/written--LOL.

Jaye, Hate febreeze, even hate the stupid commercials--fresh smelling -- yuck.

I'm enjoying the coverage too, but I think I'm extroverted enough to enjoy myself. Though I do think I'd faint if I met LH--sign of a true fangirl??

mamx--skunks, woodchucks and raccoons have all been a problem in our area. I guess I shouldn't complain, we also have bald eagles and blue herons to enjoy too.

Jen--it's okay we're managing the smell is pretty much gone after a mega storm yesterday afternoon.

Jane--Are you home?? I'm still incredibly green--LOL