Saturday, July 7

A Round About Review

We are officially 3 weeks into Junior's summer vacation. And, I am officially ready for him to go back to school, unfortunately we still have 8 more weeks to go. He has camp at the end of the month--that can't come fast enough. Now I love my child, but like his father he knows exactly how to push that one button that will trigger an automatic response, rarely a good response. Not that he's being "bad" because he's really a very good little boy, but at 5 he thinks I have been put on this earth to be at his little beck and call. And when I don't respond fast enough it's announced I run on "Tara Time". This is something he's managed to pick up from the DH. It is true, I do run on "Tara Time", but I really don't need to be reminded of this by a 5 year old.

And yet the little stink pot knows when he's pushed too far. While on vacation he was whining while we were visiting Mystic Seaport... "It's hot, I don't want to be here, can we go..." We had brought him there to see the ships, which he wanted to see, took him on a little ride around the little bay and still he was whining. When I'd reached my limit I in turn announced "I've had it, put on a happy face or else." This was while I was dragging him into the ladies bathroom after he informed me he would go into the men's room by himself. I am rather relieved that he hasn't actually tested the "or else" threat as I'm not really sure what "or else" means. He put on a happy face and actually did enjoy himself.

The other day we took a quick run into B&N and while in there he pushed every button imaginable. "I'll wait in games." "Can I get a DVD." "I'm going to the kid section." The store was packed and I insisted he "knock it off", but being a child he kept pushing until I announced "I'd had enough." Apparently the child can judge my mood, because he could obviously tell I wasn't all that mad, he dropped prostrate on the floor and started begging my forgiveness, right smack in the middle of the one and only "Romance Aisle". I, of course, started to laugh and told him to get up. "Not until you forgive me." "Listen Barrymore, get up." He did a reenactment for his father that night--it was quite good.

Book CoverSo, while in B&N I pick up a couple of books, one of which was Holly Lisle's Night Echoes. Which was released back in April and somehow I'd missed completely. I heard absolutely no buzz about it and realized maybe I'm one of the only people in our little part of the romance reading world who reads her romantic suspense (I've never read her Fantasy books as 1. I'm not really into Fantasy all that much and 2. I'm not likely to get into Fantasy if I start with books as long as she writes, though I've been tempted :)
From Publisher's Weekly (Apr. 2007):

Romantic suspense twines neatly with the paranormal—and without a single vamp or were-creature—in Lisle's latest, a chilling haunted house mystery that pits a sensible couple against the supernatural...

Tara fixes the back blurb:

When artist Emma Beck returns to the small South Carolina where she was born to discover the truth about her roots and long dead birth mother, everything she thought she knew about her birth begins to fall apart--especially after she moves into the old wreck of a Pre-Civil War farmhouse she plans to restore. Emma is drawn to the house, which seems strangely familiar, as does Mike Ruhl, the contractor she hires to help her fix it up. She begins to feel frightened when she recognizes Mike as a recurring face in her paintings--including one in a Confederate uniform. And when Emma starts to hears soft whisperings late at night, and they discover lost letters and a hidden journal in the attic, they realize they are caught in a web of ghostly tragedy.

I like Holly Lisle's story telling and particularly like that it's a ghost story not a vampire or werewolf to be found. Emma is drawn to a house she's been recreating it in artwork since she was 5. There's a "realization" that comes about 3/4 of the way through the book that annoyed me because it should have come much sooner, like in the first 1/4. Vague, but I didn't feel like going into a big spoiler alert. But Holly's ability to raise the anxiety level makes the book worth reading even if I didn't love the plotting.


Jenster said...

You really need to put some kind of warning on your posts for those of us who find laughing painful! LOL I was giggling pretty good and when I got to the Barrymore scene I had to let go. That is hysterical!

Being good or bad has nothing to do with being annoying, darn it all. Of course, I'm guessing hubby would say the same of me. :o)

Tara Marie said...

Jen, he's such a little character. His school needs a drama club.

Good point re: good/bad having nothing to do with annoying :) I'm sure my hubby would say the same.

Kristie (J) said...

He does sound like such a character. What another Very Funny Story *g*

ReneeW said...

You sound exactly like me when my kids were that age. Summer vacation was way too long. I can just picture this scene and I was cracking up. I read a couple books by HL and they were well written but I thought they had too much graphic violence (one was about a serial killer - hate those now). This one doesn't sound like it has the violence factor like the others. Maybe I'll give it a try.

Rosie said...

The whole Barrymore thing is priceless. I'm with you on the "or else". I had words with my 20 year old the other day about college. I said something like..."you don't want to test me on this". Fortunately he backed down because I had no idea where I was going with that. Thanks be they don't know this stuff.

CindyS said...

I love Jr. stories ;)

The good news is he hasn't figured out to ask 'or else what?' Course my parents nipped all that in the bud by saying stuff like, 'you sure you want to know because after that, it's over'. Fear knows nothing like a child's imagination ;)

Now I have to know what Tara Time is because there is something up here called Bobby Time (whatever he says about time, multiply by 3 - he says it'll take a weekend, it'll take three. A few hours is a day etc. It's taken me 12 years to figure out the x3 part and I'm sure that's subject to change at any time ;))


Bookwormom said...

Doncha just love summer vacations!! I personally think school oughta be a year round deal with longer holiday breaks. My three have been 'picking at each other' because "Graduate is moving out in August mom, we have to get all our fighting in NOW!"

Are you sure you don't want soem teenagers?!

Tara Marie said...

Kristie, he is my little character. Love that little guy :D

Renee, my hubby thinks I'm terrible :)

Night Echoes definitely isn't filled with graphic violence, but it does raise the anxiety level as you read.

Rosie, he is a "Barrymore" :) They never outgrow being reminded we're still the parents.

Cindy, fear can be a good motivator.

Amanda, I sooooo go for year round school :)