Monday, November 9

Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

I finished Bed of Roses  yesterday morning (after Mass and before working Bingo).  I'll start by saying I liked this book.  Do you hear the "but"?  But I have some issues, which probably stem from working for a church.  I apologize now for sounding prissy later :)

To be fair I'll list what I like about this book/series...
  • After a gazillion books, it is obivious Nora Roberts has writing down to an art. Fully developed, smart characters and an attention to details that is amazing.
  • In my list the other day I wasn't sure I liked the four women in these stories--I do like them.  Their friendship, their commitment to each other, their sisterhood and love, their strengths and understanding of each others' weaknesses all of it is beautifully created and written.
  • I really liked Emma, she's sweet and giving. And the friends to lovers theme works for Emma and Jack.
  • The four heros are interesting, smart, and very different from one another.
  • I love the environment that Nora Roberts has created. The wedding business "Vows" is an incredible concept, owned and run by four smart women--the planner, the photographer, the floral designer and the baker. It's more than just the backdrop to the stories. it comes to life for every event.
  • The books are beautiful. To quote Wendy "...those trade paperbacks are really lovely to look at, touch and pet."
What I'm prissy about :)...
  • Do any of the "Vows" clients get married in a church instead of at Vows, not necessarily Catholic, but maybe Lutheran or Episcopal or Methodist, Reformed, Presbyterian or maybe a non-denominational church?  There was a mention of a chupah [sp?] in this one.
  • There's something a little slutty about how they talk about when they last had sex.  I don't expect women in contemporaries to be virgins, but these four seem a little bit looser than I'm used to.  Now I realize my life revolves around a church environment, so I'm probably not a good judge of this :)  Fast and loose can be expected in erotic romance. One of the ladies is on a sex moratorium--she hasn't had sex in 6 months and the other ladies commiserate with and feel bad for her.  Maybe it's my age, or maybe it's my faith, but I believe sex is about long term commitment not just hooking up.  Hooking up creeps me out.  Told you I'd sound prissy. 
  • The storyline of this one, seemed too similar to the 1st book.  Mac had commitment issues in the Visions in White and Jack had issues in Bed of Roses.  Both Mac and Jack are from divorced families (Jack's parents get along, Mac's mother is crazy).  Carter (Visions in White)and Emma (Bed of Roses) are from large, stable and loving families.  And the conflict about commitment in Bed of Roses seemed a little forced, I didn't like Jack's phobic reaction to commitment, but I also didn't like that they, the ladies who have known him for years, didn't understand his commitment issues.
  • This one is going to sound stupid, but I'm sharing it anyway.  I don't like architect heros--strange right?  My husband is in contractor sales and supply.  He "hates" architects, well, not all architects, only the ones with "vision" and consider themselves artists.  The hubby reads blueprints and it amazes him how often architects don't design to building code and sometimes designs aren't even structurally sound.  Some architects are okay with changes or corrections to their designs, but the ones with "vision" can be and usually are difficult.  Also, remember Seinfeld--George's fantasy job is being an architect.  I don't want to think about George Castanza when I read a romance.  Told you it was strange :)
Will I read the next one?  You bet.  Laurel and Del's story (Savor the Moment) comes out in May 2010.  I would LOVE to read Emma's parents' story, it sounded beautiful.


Wendy said...

Re: "Hooking up." I think a lot of it boils down to where you are in your own life. Certainly when I was single, and in college, hooking up was fairly common practice. But even if I found myself unattached tomorrow, being in my mid-30s, with a fairly settled lifestyle? Yeah, no way in Hell.

All this being said, one of my best buds from college is still single - and lordy. Can I just say how happy I am to have My Man in my life? LOL

Anonymous said...

nora roberts is not a fave of mine at all, i did read her vampires trilogy and that was it for me , her writing style so not for me at all, too light and fluffy somehow for such serious a story about vampires and evil. how is that possible .she hit or miss i think for lot of folks

Tara Marie said...

Wendy--my age, my faith, my being married a LONG time all contribute to my issues with the hooking up thing. I know I'm being a prude and honestly they last thing I want to be is preachy.

Mamx--not every author works for all people. I do like Nora Roberts, but I know some don't.

Marg said...

I must confess to cringing when I read some of those conversations, mainly because I have been by myself for so long that the idea of a six month moratorium makes me laugh! I don't have your faith, but I still don't want to just go out and hook up with blokes, even if I could find one that was interested!

I enjoyed your review of this book! I am hoping that it will come in at the library for me soon.

Tara Marie said...

Marg, it's a bit of a relief to know I'm not alone :) It's a very good read, and I'm sure the issues are probably more mine than others.

CindyS said...

Yep. Not alone on the hooking up thing - I'd need some sort of a relationship. I'd be more on board with friends with benefits but I'm betting in real life I would get attached so, uh no.

And I think you ruined architects for me with the Senfield comment. Ugh.


Tara Marie said...

And I think you ruined architects for me with the Senfield comment. Ugh.

Sorry about that--LOL

Rosie said...

This may sound weird, but I'm less upset with the idea that a woman has had more than one lover than the casual way these friends discussed it. Have I ever discussed sex with girlfriends or my sisters? You bet. But not quite in such an off hand way.

I thought it was just me and my *ahem* age.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie--I agree, I wouldn't even expect them to have only "one" lover, but at the same time it's obvious their not in "relationships". The "off hand way" is part of the overall issue.

Maybe it is a generational thing? Maybe younger readers totally relate to this??

Crap does this make me old??

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