Tuesday, November 17


Random thoughts and observations from early this AM:
  • I really dislike the "when did you stop beating your wife?" type of questions, it always leaves me wondering why people even engage in the conversation.
  • We have a popular local radio station that is already playing Christmas music. I'm actually okay with this.  The radio station's most populer DJ lives down the street from me.  He's a pompous ass. 
  • I was playing the station on my laptop at work yesterday and turned the music down when the pastor came into my office not because I thought the music would bother him, a Mariah Carey Christmas song came on, I hate Mariah Carey.  Now I don't actually hate Mariah Carey, you can't hate someone you don't know.  My dislike of her music is extreme, this also includes Whitney Houston and anyone else that does that weird flutter thing with their voices.  I know they're talented, but I can't listen. 
  • My office isn't really an office, it's a closet with a table, laptop and printer--works for me because it's really private and people can come in and out of the rectory and never know I'm back there working.
  • Another local radio station had a 70's Rock Weekend this past weekend and Junior is apparantely a fan of 70's Rock--right there with his mama :)  Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Elton John when he was actually good.
  • I'm a fan of redemption stories. Not a surprise, but it explains a good portion of what I read and what I keep. Sometimes I'm right in step with the rest of romanceland, but not always. After the discussion about rakes on Dear Author, I pulled out my copy of Georgette Heyer's Devil's Cub. I have to admit, one can not live on rakes alone.
  • I have a massive TBR pile and feel like I have nothing to read.  How is that possible?
It's time to make the coffee, have a great day and happy reading.

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Anonymous said...

mm i dont care for mariah singing voice either, the flutter or whatever it is some kind of gospel thing isnt it? ech , too high to screechy for me , same with aretha singing live but on album i like her , i like whitney mm
oh oh christmas music do try at youtube the happy holiday by bing crosby remix and my love will keep me warm by kay starr remix it all crooner pop remixes wowwwwwwwww very diff mmm yessssssss! i like the jingle bell rock disco and oldies christmas music but mariah carey nooooooooooooo
ps why why do women like the toddy manning character on one life to live how is he romantic> im just saying