Friday, November 13

Order Up

The Amazon order I placed earlier this week came bright and early this am.  The hubby had just pulled away to leave for work and the mail truck delivered  Linda Howard's Ice and Stephen King's Under the Dome.

I'll probably have Ice finished today--mini hardcover with 198 pages.  And I have no idea how long it will take the hubby to read Under the Dome--it comes in at a wopping 1074 pages. Both books cost $9 at Amazon.


Wendy said...

Some of our bestsellers at work circulate for 7 days. But yeah, not the King book. Obviously. When I first heard about the page count on that thing I about passed out.

Tara Marie said...

I was completely shocked by the size fo the King. Now, that's a book meant for a digital reader :)

Anonymous said...

mm that stephen king is being indulged too much it seems , what happend to editing and making sure the author do a good job and thinking about their readers huh? books that big are usally splitted into a series in fantast and scienceficton, then again he is stephen king mmm
mamx from canada where santa claus lives hahahahahhahaa , i think