Saturday, November 21

Real Life Interupts

So once again real life interupted a really good reading binge.  Since Wednesday we've been non-stop with work, school and cub scout things. 

Wednesday I worked in the parish CCD (Religious Education) office, cleaning up some of their bookkeeping issues. Since I will only be going in a couple of hours a week this is going to be a long term project.  That night our parent organization voted down our largest fundraiser.  Largest means it requires a tremendous amount of time to plan, organize and run, unfortunately given the economy it only brings in a fraction of what it did in the past. 

Thursday during the day I was baking Magic Cookie Bars and Pumpking Bread for the Cub Scout bake sale we're having on Saturday and Sunday after the Masses.  Then  it was After Care for the school and the communal baking of pies for the bake sale.  We used the school's kitchen--lots of counter space and a nice sized convection oven.  While we were baking the cafeteria was being used by another school fundraising commitee, putting together 100 gift baskets for an upcoming "Tricky Tray" event.

Friday it was back to work in the rectory. The bulletin for Thanksgiving weekend was due at the printer, normally it goes on Tuesday but holiday schedules always throws it back to the Friday before.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving is the first week of Advent, which means--I'M NOT READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!  After work I had After Care again.  Junior went to see Planet 51 and I had to pick him up at a friends house.  He didn't like the movie and announced he was never going to a movie with two 2nd graders and a kindergartener again--too much noise.  I guess being a 3rd grader makes him old.

And in the middle of chaos the hubby has PIG FEVER.  At least we think that's what it is.  It started on Wednesday and we're hoping it's peaked.

Have a great day, we've got soccer and basketball today :)


Kwana said...

It's a bummer when life gets crazy likes this. Tis the season.

Tara Marie said...

Kwana: I keep thinking it's going to get worse before better :)

Bookwormom said...

Hope your Hubby's better soon. We were all sick back in September & it was miserable around here.

I can't believe it's almost advent already. I did see a cute advent candle wreath in a store the other day though & thought about how 'not ready' I am.