Sunday, November 15

Book Binge and other things.

I've been on a reading binge since Friday, finishing Lauren Dane's Laid Bare, Beverly Jenkins' Captured and Bronwyn Parry's Dark Country.  The best book of the bunch was Dark Country a really good spin off of As Darkness Falls.  The Bronwyn Parry books are worth tracking down.

The child is at his second birthday party of the weekend.  Yesterday it was a Chuck E. Cheese party.  I personally think CEC is the third level of Hell.  About 10 minutes into the birthday party the fire alarm in CEC went off and the entire building had to be evacuated.  Today it's a bowling party--I just dropped him.

We got to visit with our new nephew today.  He is very cute in that pinched baby sort of way.

Outdoor soccer finished yesterday and indoor soccer starts tomorrow.  Cub Scouts is Tuesday.  Parent organization meeting Wednesday.  Baking for the Cub Scout Bake Sale Thursday--the Cub Master's wife wants us to bake 80 pies for Sunday's bake sale, I'm not really sure who we're selling them to, but I'll hear it if I don't show up. 

The hubby is starving so I need to cook.  Have a great night and happy reading.


Rosie said...

Bronwyn Parry you say?

Tara Marie said...

Hi Rosie--these are the books I won over at Wendy's last month. They're published in Australia and not available in the States, but you can get them from Definitely worth reading. Romantic suspense--very strong on suspense. I've given them to my hubby to read.

Rosie said...

Oh yeah, now I remember... Hmmmmm, that makes it more interesting to get doesn't it? I'm so glad to hear you give books to your husband too. GG is reading SKIN GAME right now. It's awesome when we can compare notes and perspective on the same book.

Tara Marie said...

I do share books with my hubby, not many, but he does like suspense/thrillers, so if the romance is light I put them on his TBR pile.

Rosie said...

G became a Brockmann fan that way.

Kristie (J) said...

So what did you think of the Lauren Dane book? I'm still trying to find the second one in the series I started but I can't find it. Of course I'm not looking real hard for it - I'm applying my theory - if you don't really look for, it's not really lost and you will come across it when you are meant to :-)

Tara Marie said...

Rosie--my hubby will read Nora Roberts stand alone RS books, and Tami Hoag suspense--but he started reading the TH books when she was still writing RS.

Kristie--I haven't blogged about it because I had some issues with it. I really liked the first half of the book, but the second half tanked for me. When I read the blurb what caught my attention was "the rockstar and the cop" concept, I didn't realize it was a going to be a real "triad" relationship. I have issues with permanent triads, because I probably hyper analyze the situation, between societal, family and children pressures I'm not sure they can actually work.

The main characters together in Laid Bare worked tremendously for me, but when the 3rd was introduced into their relationship it completely stopped work for me. I've read other triad books where I was left thinking 'I don't think so, but maybe they can make it work.' I felt the "making it work" in this one was too heavy handed.

So now that I've written a book, I probably should have blogged about it--LOL