Friday, February 23

Every morning this week I've been up and out of the house early, taking Junior to school and then running errands. Today I had nothing planned, the only day this week I drove the child to school in my pajamas, bed head and no shower. And of course, today the Little League Supervisor wants to talk about making sure all the Kindergarteners that want to play are registered. Somehow this has become my job. I guess because I was actually organized enough to get him registered for Spring T-Ball last fall, which in and of itself is amazing. So I came home made up a flier for the school folder and am heading back to make sure it goes home with the kids tonight.

Junior announced this morning he was giving up whining for Lent. He's not really much of a whiner, but he can work that bottom lip with the best of them when he's not getting his way, and he's big on trying the "but Mom..." argument, which he still hasn't figured out doesn't work. I doubt this will last until after school today, but we'll see.

Have a good one and hopefully someone out there is reading something super fantastic, because everything I'm picking up stinks.


martha said...

hmm. I wish someone else would give up whining -- or throwing hissy fits when the computer/TV remote/videogame doesn't work -- for Lent, but I don't see it happening.

Tara Marie said...

Martha--LOL maybe he should be giving up the computer/TV remote/videogame instead that would leave nothing to throw hissy fits over. Now, that I don't see happening. You really do live with a 37 year old little boy :D

Love to both of you, Tara

Rosie said...

I'm between books right now, which is hard to believe considering the amount of reading I've been doing lately. I've read some good books, but no real standouts though. However, I picked up a bunch of books the last couple of days. I have my fingers crossed!

Jenster said...

I'm reading "Beyond Temptation" by Mary Reed McCall. It's putting me in mind of some Julie Garwood historicals. Which is to say I'm enjoying it.

So it's Saturday now. Is he still not whining or doing the lip thing or the "But Mom" thing?? LOL

Sam said...

Giving up whining! Oh, that is too cute!!
My daughter went to church on Ash Wednesday and was vexed when the priest put ashes on her forehead, lol. She and I have given up chocolate (yet again - well, until Easter!)
Lent is when I don't feel bad about not going shopping and having an empty fridge. The hubby opens the door and complains, "There's nothing to eat", and I reply, "Lent."

Tara Marie said...

Rosie--I've probably started 25 books this month but only finished 10, can't figure out what's causing the blahs. Hopefully you'll find something great.

Jen--Whining and pouting didn't make Friday night. The lip thing and "but, but Mooommm" are a daily given when he's told "no" :D

Sam--Junior received ashes at school, the best friend announced "Don't put dirt on my head."