Friday, February 9

Odds and ends and other things...

You can always tell when I'm either on a reading binge or I've dried up for a few days, I don't have much to say about books. I read 6 books in the first 7 days of the month and haven't finished anything since Wednesday, okay I haven't started anything either. :D

Yesterday morning I had a meeting with Junior's music teacher. The school is already planning the Kindergarten Graduation. It turns out Junior is going to be Noah, the only child in the class that will need a costume, the rest of the kids will be various animals and will use hand held masks. I've been given an official script. The whole thing is just too cute. The Best Friend volunteered his mom to make the masks--30 masks. I promised to help.

This morning as I was working on an article about world building for Speculative Romance Online I get a phone call. The Best Friend's mom called "You want to go to the bookstore?" Like that's a silly question, of course. Going to the bookstore usually means B&N, but she wanted to go to Borders instead.

The two of us wander around the store for 2 hours and don't buy a thing. She's trying to talk me into reading Christine Feehan's Game series. I've told her the Dark series has scarred me for life, but she swears this one is much better--I don't know, is it possible?

I found something curious, why is it that romance accounts for 50% of the mass market paperback sold but only has 2 stinking aisles, but sf/fantasy has 4 aisles and mystery/thrillers has 3 1/2?

While I was wandering through their romance section I kept having to walk around this old man. Which I thought was kind of cool, an older man reading romance until I realize he's in the trade paperback section of romance and he's only picking up erotic romances and when I peek over his shoulder and I'm pretty sure he's reading the dirty parts--LOL.

Another older man struck up a conversation with me by pointing out Deidre Martin's new book Chasing Stanley and I tell him it's about hockey and he should give it a try--didn't tell him it was a romance. I wonder if he bought it.

The hubby came home from work the the stomach virus. He's looking for sympathy and company, so I'll be signing off for tonight.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Kristie (J) said...

LOL - I had one of those experiences too of seeing a guy reading books in the erotic section. In my case he was real scrubby looking and I just thought eewww!
And it would have been kind of funny if that other guy got it because he thought it was about hockey *g*

Jenster said...

Sounds like a fun time in the book store. Ick on the old guy reading the dirty parts. LOL

Sorry about your sick hubby. That can't be any fun!

Tara Marie said...

Kristie, there is something eeewww about the whole thing. I hope the old guy did buy it and maybe he'll like it--it is about hockey and romance.

Jen, ick is right--LOL And, the hubby is much better the virus only last about 12 hours so it's not too bad.

Wendy said...

Walk away from the GhostWalker "Game" series. Trust me here. I haven't read any of her Dark books, but the first Game book was enough for me to figure out that Feehan just ain't for me.

Bookwormom said...

Er. gotta 2nd here on skipping the game series.

Hope Hubby feels better soon.

BTW- Tag you're it! See my Fri. 9th entry!

romblogreader said...

Re: the two aisles of Romance. I'm betting that your average supermarket/drug store rack has a much higher percentage of Romance, and skews the numbers way up.

Tara Marie said...

Wendy, I knew it--LOL

Amanda, strike 2 against the Games... definitely avoiding it. The hubby is much better.

And I saw the tag--10 Weird things, shouldn't be real hard--LOL.

Romblog... nothing like being logical about the whole darned thing :) But I still think if they can stock every Star Trek ever written they could stock a some midlist authors backlists.

Kat O+ said...

FWIW, I borrowed the second Game book (Mind Game?) from the library, absolutely loved it, bought the first one (Shadow Game)...and haven't read another book in the series since. *lol* If I can find one of the later books in the series in the library or UBS, I might give her another go.