Tuesday, February 27

The Child Gave Up Whining But Mommy Didn't--LOL

I sent the child to school using the "If he doesn't have a fever..." rule. Well, they didn't call from school, but the hubby came home early from work. He's got a cold and Junior did have a low grade temperature tonight and still has the sniffles so I sent him to bed with a dose of Tylenol Cold Formula, and the hubby was sent to bed with some NyQuil. I too have the sniffles and a sore throat, but I'm choosing to ignore them. We're all sick--whine #1 :D

Today I put the finishing touches on my next column for RTB, and of course I've come to a similar conclusion as Wendy in her column today. Now I'm vacillating as to whether or not I should even post the darned thing or write something new--whine #2 :D

And, I could name the reading slump I've been in as whine #3, but Meljean has been kind enough to take pity on me and come to my rescue. She emailed me an e-ARC of Demon Moon, how cool is that?? It's only 4,416 pages in my eBookman--LOL. I had to delete every other book on the unit to make room for it, but I don't care :D

So with all my whining and belly aching I hate to admit I'm actually enjoying reading my first Jayne Ann Krentz in years--All Night Long. And I've also promised to read and comment/review a book that's due out next week. But then I get to read all about Colin!! Can you see me doing my happy dance?


nath said...

You are so lucky Tara Marie, I am so jealous!! me want to read Demon Moon as well!

Also, poor you - everyone's sick. Must be tough to be a mommy in this situation :P Hope everyone gets better soon!

meljean brook said...

"It's only 4,416 pages in my eBookman--LOL. I had to delete every other book on the unit to make room for it, but I don't care :D"

Oh. My. God. LOLOLOL! I'm so sorry!

My tot just got over something similar -- she's always in a bad mood when she's sick, so this mommy is VERY glad that's over.

Jane said...

demon moon. I swear, if Meljean isn't a big famous author someday, there is no justice. I will start going door to door to sell her book or something.

Megan Frampton said...

I liked Demon Moon even better than DA.

Meljean will be famous, maybe when they option the movie rights?

Wendy said...

Um yeah, sorry about that.

If it makes you feel any better something similar happened to me when I first started writing for RtB. I had this great column all set and Maili went and posted on the exact same topic like three days before mine was set to go live. Bugger.

Ann(ie) said...

Eep, I hope you guys feel better soon. It seems like we've been rotating germs in this house. Anytime one of us gets feeling better, another comes down with it.

Tara Marie said...

Nath, I actually asked Meljean if it was okay to post about the ARC, maybe you can just ignore it :D

As of right now, Mommy is the sickest person in the house, the Hubby and Child are going to work and school respectively and I'm crawling back into bed.

Meljean, don't be sorry, please I deleted with great pleasure, I'd read everything else.

The Hubby and Child are both good sick people. Hubby just goes to bed and the Child just doesn't let it bother him, goes right on playing--I'm the miserable whiney one--LOL.

Jane, I swear, if Meljean isn't a big famous author someday, there is no justice. Before even reading Demon Angel I posted on Alison Kent's?? blog that Meljean is going to be a superstar, that was after only reading Falling for Anthony, which I loved, and I still think that. :D

Megan, I liked Demon Moon even better than DA. I don't doubt it. And a nice dedication to you Megan... Special thanks to Megan Frampton, slayer of semicolons and guru of music...

Wendy, I'm thinking I may post it anyway we came to similar conclusions but for different reasons, so maybe it wont feel to redundant :(

Annie, I'm getting a little obsessive about washing hands. I would imagine we all have the same cold, but just in case, I'm nagging everyone to make sure hands are always clean.

Sam said...

Feel better soon! But I'm sure that curled up in bed with Meljean's book will make you feel Much better!!!

Tara Marie said...

Hey Sam, I'm heading off to take a nap, hoping I'll feel much better afterward :D

Jenster said...

You just whine all you want! A sick family is always worthy of a good pout.

Hope everyone is feeling good ASAP.

Tara Marie said...

Jen, Junior and Dad are better and I'm almost, it's really not that bad, but it does pack a wollup for a day or so. thanks :D