Thursday, February 1

Slump over... hopefully

I picked up Born in Death at the library yesterday. It's the first " Death" book I've read in several years. And reading the first page was like visiting an old friend, and I was left wondering, why the heck had I stopped reading these books.

I started reading it while I was waiting to pick up the boy from school, and found myself sitting in the car laughing outloud at the opening scene. The birthing class and Eve's and Rourke's reaction to it is priceless. It matched my poor husband's. On some level I think he's relieved I had a C-section, it was much easier for him, I think the thought of delivery left him a little squeamish. But that's another subject.

As I read I realized I needed a break from the series, Eve had been grating on me, she had so much baggage that needed dealing with. I remember thinking "deal with your problems and stop being such a prickly pain in the ass." Picking it back up with this one seems perfect. She's dealt with her problems and horrible childhood and they are settled beautifully into married life, comfortable with one another and their family, all those folks they pull into their inner circle. All the anger and frustration is focused on the cases not their lives. I loved visiting Mavis and Leonardo, Peabody and McNab, it really was like a visit from a bunch of old friends.

It was just what I needed to pull me out of my little reading slump.

Next up... Carla Negger's The Widow.


Jenster said...

Some day I'm really going to have to read these. We've got the first four or five as DH is reading this series and really likes it. I suppose it's inevitable. :o)

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Isn't it funny how men are so squeamish? My Dad will faint at the sight of blood, and my brother will puke if he sees someone else puke. It's hilarious

ReneeW said...

This was probably the funniest one in the series. I loved the ending where Eve is 'helping' with the delivery. Hysterical :) Reminded me of my husband too. He hated the whole thing. Eve's hardnosed bitch attitude sometimes gets on my nerves but I really liked her in BID.

Tara Marie said...

Jen, it really is a good series, and you're probably right--in inevitable. :)

Maria..., LOL.

Renee, I'm glad I started back up with this one ...probably the funniest one in the series...