Wednesday, January 31

This month's INYIM list...

I promised Sybil I would blog about "The Power of Three" but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything remotely cohesive, so I decided to whine about the books I haven't finished, simply put, I'm stalling.

I started out this month with a bang, 6 books in about 10 days. In the time BC (before child) I would read at least a book a day, somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 pages a day. Which probably explains why I need reading glasses now.

So 13 books into the month I hit a wall and haven't been able to finish anything in over a week. Went to the library picked up 3 fantasy books that came highly recommended and haven't even cracked one of them. I keep trying to finish several book that I started but haven't been able to finish. I can't really explain completely why they're not working for me, and I've decided they may qualify as "It's Not You, It's Me" books. Tipping my hat to Kristie and her RTB post here are my INYIM books for January...
  • Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank, since I've only read 20 pages, I'm sure this deserves another try.
  • Dirty by Megan Hart, I think I reached my monthly limit of erotic stories, neither were good so that probably put me in the wrong frame of mind for this one. It's going back on the TBR pile for a later date.
  • The Adventurous Bride by Miranda Jarrett, this one's going to end up a DNF, it's not really horrible, but I'm 2/3 through it and couldn't care less about the story of the characters.
  • For The Love of a Pirate by Edith Layton, this one probably shouldn't be on the list, I've only read 5 pages and decided I wasn't in the mood for an historical.
  • Clandestine by Julia Ross, I'm really struggling with this one I'm 150 pages into it and it's not really working for me, yet I still like JR's voice so I want to keep going.
  • The Abducted Heiress by Claire Thornton, this book is the second in a series, for some reason I'm thinking I need to read the first one before trying this one, it's a convoluted mess and I must be missing something.

If I'd actually finished these books I would have reached 19 for the month. Considering I set a goal of 250 books for the year this would have been a nice start. Hopefully February will be better.


Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

I understand you Tara, it happens to me all the time. I hava a straight run of really great books, and then there's a big comedown when I half-read loads of book. It makes me actually want to apologise to the authors. My INYIM list is far longer than yours, it pains me to say

Jenster said...

13 books in a month is nothing to sneeze at. That's probably what I used to read when I was more obsessed than I am now. LOL

Tara Marie said...

Welcome Maria, lover of all things romantic :D Some months are like that. Though I picked up Born in Death at the Library today and it's completely sucked me in already--YEA!!

Jen, I know 13 isn't bad, that's why I said I was whining--LOL.

You haven't blogged about how your feeling--how's the recovery going??
Take care, Tara

Jenster said...

I just posted a quick blurb about my checkup today. As for how I'm feeling, that's pretty good. I'm still tender - probably will be for another couple of months, actually. But each week gets better and better.

Thanks for asking. :o)

Kristie (J) said...

It's true isn't it? Sometimes we read books that we just don't seem to connect with or be in the mood for. They can be very good books but - for whatever reason they just don't work. But I'm learning to put them aside for now and then pick them up later - and that's been working not too bad. So I'd say put the Ross one aside for now and pick it up later. You'll probably enjoy it much better that way *g*

And how is your other half enjoying Son of the Morning? Have you talked him into writing a review for us?

sybil said...

lol tis okay I haven't even starting putting up posts yet... I am thinking next week.

so cool

CindyS said...

First, I'm still nodding my head over the last post about suspension of disbelief and wondering where my boundary lies.

I can say I read 4 new books and 1 re-read and well, that's a banner month for me lately ;) I used to read maybe 3 books a week (very slow reader) in my peak (nothing to do but sit and read on my summer breaks).

I have a hard time when I put books aside. The chances of me ever picking it up again are slim to none - I have many books in my TBR pile that didn't grab me in the beginning and I'm thinking a culling may have to take place. Pam Rosenthal was one of those authors for me - I couldn't get past the first chapter of her well received book but I can't part with it yet.

I see you have found a book to immerse yourself in so I hope your climbing out of the drek pile.


Tara Marie said...

Jen, that's good news.

Kristie, truth, I wonder why sometimes that connection doesn't work.

As to the hubby and SOTM, I don't think he's been doing much reading. He's busy at work and home and he's not a night time reader.

Sybil, I've at least got a kernel of an idea now, so it should show up in the next few days.

Cindy, once I put a book aside it takes real work for me to pick it up again, usually because the things that didn't work the first time still aren't working.

Born in Death is really working for me, so maybe I'm out of my little slump.