Saturday, January 20

A little bit of rambling, because I've got nothing really to say--LOL

I can't seem to decide what's next up on my TBR pile, I've got enough books to choose from, but nothing is screaming Read me!! We went to the library yesterday and I found a Sharon Shinn Archangel, I've seen lots of wonderful reviews and yet now that I have it I'm not that interested, but I've got it for 3 weeks so hopefully the urge will come back soon.

I decided to start reading the ...In Death books again. I'm 178 in the queue at the library for Born in Death. I'm also 25 in the queue for Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Natural Born Charmer, it's not due out for a couple more weeks. I had actually pre-ordered this one from B&N, but it screwed up my December order and I decided to cancel it. I'm also 132 in the queue for Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood because honestly I refuse to actually spend money on one of her romantic suspenses, but feel somehow like I need to finish this god awful series.

I'm not loving the ebook thing, not that there's a problem with the books, but 1. I hate that the damn eBookMan isn't backlit, it's a royal pain in the behind, 2. I don't like not being able to tuck bookmarks in for different passages I want to come back to, I've got to write down the page number and a 200 page book turns into 1200+ pages on the stupid thing and 3. My hand cramps up while I'm holding it, but part of that is because I'm constantly moving it around to fight the glare caused by not having a backlight. I really should have paid greater attention to all of
Jane's Sunday Posts
on Dear Author
. Of course, most of those read like Greek to me so I probably would have been lost anyway.

So what's everyone else reading? Maybe I'll get inspired. Have a good one and happy reading.


Bev (BB) said...

I'm reading my arc of Games of Command - see my blog from yesterday. :D

Ahem, anyway, one of the reasons I love the Ebookwise so much is that it has a bookmark feature. I use that a lot. It also let's you add in note pages, highlighting and a couple of other things but I don't use any of those too much.

Jenster said...

I'm reading Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. It's not a terribly long book and I imagine I'll read the whole thing today.

I've been fighting the Ebook thing, but hubby is wanting one in a bad way. I'm sure he'll end up winning.

mamx said...

i would find out if one can put different software on that thing . maybe from the manufacter? palm type got like 6 diff software for reading books. i swear i go through a chapter some damn fast. the size is small so it mean i m reading more i guess . large print slow me down since i tend to have to hold the eyes to the line im on before i head to next line. mm let see , it like seeing 2 or 3 lines at once. large print too big. but the ebook thing is strange that i just read each line but faster now. as for light i cant remember. oh the whole thing is light. it like a flash light at night. my treo smartphone with the palm thingies built into it. i dont use it as a phone and there are reason why. heh.
cant u take your reader back. or sell it on ebay or what. mmm good weekend to all. bye from canada where it got so much snow it made for deep snowdrifts on the sidewalks sigh. mamx

Jane said...

Yeah - sell it and get the ebookwise. I think you would be happier. They sell for about $100 on Ebay. My neighbor bought hers from there and it works perfectly.

jmc said...

I'm reading Meg Cabot's 1-800-Where-R-U YA series. Nothing else in the TBR pile appeals. And I have John Hodgeman's The Areas of My Expertise waiting at the library, and I've started and stopped Colleen Gleason's The Rest Falls Away. It isn't drawing me in.

Anonymous said...

I love the Sharon Shinn books.
I think I've read them all but I keep lending them to friends, and not one of my books Ever comes back. (I forget who I gave them to!)
I still have all my e-books - I put them on a USB key. That's handy.

I have a deadline: I'm finishing up a suspense book. I don't like to rush my endings but I want to finish because I have a book to edit, a book that just got accepted by a publisher but with the understanding that I will add three full sex scenes, (they will actually fit really well in the story, as it has *gasp* none, lol) and I just started a book I'm dying to work on about a troop on the Road to Eternity, led by Zeus himself - lol. (All this to say that I don't have time to read and my TBR pile is really tempting me to procrastinate!)

Tara Marie said...

Bev--I did see you were reading a Linnea Sinclaer ARC--enjoy.

Jen-- I don't really read Moning, I'll be curious as to your thoughts.

Mamx--I should just get rid of the darned thing and get something else.

Jane--I'm not sure I can sell it, I've deleted most of the programs to make room for more books--LOL. Though honestly I probably will buy an ebookwise as soon as I get over the guilt of putting aside a Christmas present from my in-laws--LOL.

jmc--I love Meg Cabot, I've the Gleason on my TBR pile but it hasn't screamed "read me" yet.

Sam--I've heard such great things about Sharon Shinn, I'm sure I'll love it. Good luck with your deadline.

Jenster said...

Tara - I finished Darkfever last night. I have read all of KMM's books and liked most of them - especially the last four. But this was much different and actually, I thought of you while I read it (knowing your propensity for "real" horror). It's NOT a romance and it's very dark. It doesn't wrap up in a neat little package and if you read it you'll definitely have to read the next one. It's a bit of a departure from what I usually read, but I'm anxious for the next one.

BTW - I started The Book of True Desires today. So far so good.

Holly said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one having issues with the eBookman. Not that I'm glad you ARE having issues, but it makes me feel like less of a failure. ;)

I'm getting ready to read On the Run by Iris Johansen. But this is the third time I've picked it up, so who knows if I'll actually get through it.

Rosie said...

I just finished BIT THE JACKPOT by Erin McCarthy. I'm a fan but was wishy washy on the Las Vegas vamp thing. It was okay a C+ or B-.