Friday, January 26

odds and ends

Junior went back to school today. Though I am glad he stayed home yesterday, by dinnertime he was exhausted and he went to bed very early. Woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and was ready to go back.

He was playing a little before having to get dressed and I could hear there was a "train wreck" in the upstairs hallway and then I heard my little angel say "Holy Sh.. COW" Never quite got out the "Sh.." word. So of course, I asked where he heard that. My first fear was he'd say "Daddy" knowing it isn't an expression I use, but it's also not one the hubby uses very often either, my second was he heard it from his cousin, because he did pick up the wonderful "What the ...?" from him, though his cousin was smart enough not to actually finish the question. It turns out "Br..." at school says it. "Br..." the little brat who told him "Thomas the Tank Engine is for babies." and "You're hair looks stupid that way." And, a whole host of other wonderful things--that "Br..."

After having the warmest winter that I can remember it's officially COLD. When I took Junior to school this morning it was 5 degrees, he looked like Randy from A Christmas Story, he went into school with his arms straight out and announcing "I can't put my arms down."

I went to a meeting at our church last night. The Archdiocese is running a huge fundraiser that each parish will be involved with. The hope is to set up small enowments for each parishes, especially the needier ones like ours to help cover capital improvements. Our parish has a double whammy because our school also has capital improvement needs. Though the goal isn't that extravagant, and honestly I think we need to raise over and above what the archdiocese is setting for a goal, to not only cover the capital improvement needs but to truly set up an endowment that can grow, the parish seems to rely heavily on the parishioners that send children to the parish school. This can be a heavy extra burden, especially considering tuition for next year is up 10% for families with one child and 30% for families with 2 or more children. Add to that our school taxes continue to rise at a similar pace and of course we pay school taxes but don't use the schools. At times is seems as if Cardinal Egan has the heart of an accountant and not a parish priest, but that might be insulting to accountants. Add to all this our Pastor will be retiring in July and he's concerned that our little parish will have a revolving door with different pastors every year because it is a poorer parish and their is a heavy financial burden, and many parish priest don't want to have to deal with this. Oh well, what will be...

I'm in a reading rut, which is rather sad considering I've had 3 differnt book deliveries over the last couple of weeks and I've added 25+/- books to the TBR pile and nothing is remotely interesting me. I'm about 150 pages into Clandestine by Julia Ross, this book is work, it's beautifully written, but the story is moving at a snails pace, with the two main characters slowly dancing around one another, but without any real tension between them. I'd hate for this one to become a INYIM book, because it's too well written to be a DNF.

Okay, I'm done whining for today--LOL.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

My kids tell me I've a rock for a heart when it comes to missing school because they're sick. No tv. No movies. NO computer or phone. Must have a fever or have thrown up or have an asthma attack or deep wet cough. It took me a while to compile the rules, but now they don't like to stay home unless they're truly sick.

As to parishes- I hope you meet your goals. Improvements are $$$$, but are very important too. Our parish is getting ready to vote on $1.2 million in improvements, all of which has to done in a certain way in order to meet the diocese's approval.

It all needs doing, but the pennypinchers want to cut every corner possible- which is what got us here in the first place.

Best wishes with your improvement & fundraising needs.

Tara Marie said...

Amanda, I love the rules--LOL. They sound very similar to my FIL's, but those backfired when my husband blew out his left knee wrestling in high school--he hobbled around for 4 days before my MIL insisted on bringing him to the doctor, the knee was a mess and the doctor was horrified.

Your goals are much grander than ours. We're truly a small parish, I'm amazed that we have a school. The parish I went to growing up brings in 3-4 times what ours does on a weekly basis and their Pastor insists that's not enough to run a school and wont consider approaching the archdiocese about opening a school. My SIL's parish brings in 4-5 times and they run a very good school.

The archdiocese has been realigning and closing churches and schools. Our church is a small parish in an already developed small town, there's little to no growth within the village proper. Much of the parish growth comes from just outside of the parish, especially families who send their children to the school and find it's easier to work within the archdiocese guidelines by going to our church rather then their home parish.

Good luck with your fundraising. I've decided to work on our fundraising committee to help balance the pennypinchers.

CindyS said...


I just wanted to join you in the misery of not really enjoying a book. I hope the next one you pick grabs on!


Jenster said...

My kids have to have a fever or be throwing up, too. And they're not real keen on staying home when they're sick because they don't get to do anything.

I've been doing a fair amount of reading. Nothing like you usually do - I'm only on book 6 for the month - but much better than I've been doing recently.

I finished "The Book of True Desires" (LOVED IT) and started "Simply Unforgettable".

Sybil said...

Hey you fixed your blog. Or changed it or whatever ;). I emailed you but you ignored me.

le sigh... no lurve I tells ya

Anonymous said...

My mother sent me to school every day - no matter what. I once gave the entire 4th grade scarlet fever.
I swore I wouldn't do that to my kids, so I never made them go to school if they didn't feel like it.
They never want to stay home though, because if they are home, there is no TV, computer, or playing outside. One must stay in one's bedroom and read, or one can sleep. LOL.

Tara Marie said...

Cindy, I'll find something soon.

Jen, The Book of True Desires, I knew you'd love it!!

Sybil, was there something wrong with my blog?? Yikes, I didn't even know it. You probably emailed me my other yahoo account, I get so much spam there I don't pay much attention and only check it once in a while sorry.

Email me at

Sam, my mom never kept us home either, but in addition to the cold there was a nasty stomach bug going around and I figured we didn't want to add insult to injury.

sybil said...

oops not fixed ;)

It was at work which is IE ver6 but at home on foxfire there is a border on your post.

But it doesn't go around the whole post. It cut off at a point. I wasn't sure if it was a style thing or a screw up. LOL now I am not sure again *g*.

Tara Marie said...

Sybil, I have IE and it's fine, hmmm, I wonder what the problem is in foxfire??

Tara Marie said...

Sybil, I've made a couple of adjustments to my template, has the problem in foxfire been fixed??