Monday, January 15

I'm up on RTB today.


Jenster said...

Great article, Tara.

So where would you put "Winter Garden"? I don't think of it as an erotic romance because I don't feel the plot was driven by the sex. HOWEVER, it was pretty steamy and "stimulating". lol What's your take??

Tara Marie said...

Jen, I think there are books that most readers would consider more traditional romances that can be as erotic or even more so than what is being put out as erotic romance. Winter Garden is one as are Vanquished by Hope Tarr and Elizabeth Hoyt's The Raven Prince.

Wendy said...

You know - for me there is "hot" romance, erotic romance and erotica. More mainstream authors like Adele Ashworth, Nicole Jordan, and Lisa Kleypas fall under the "hot" romance label for me. It's the difference between an R rated movie and an NC-17 rated one.

That said, I have strict definitions for erotic romance vs. erotica (much in keeping with yours LOL), but the lines are certainly being blurred.

Tara Marie said...

Wendy--I knew you and I were on the same page as to what we see as Erotic Romance, I'm not so sure the writers would agree with us--LOL.

I have to say there is a difference between "hot" romance and ER or erotica, but I've read some hot romance that is much more sensual and erotic than what's being put out as ER.