Wednesday, January 10

The Test of Time...

I had decided against doing a 2006 Year in Review. But after seeing so many interesting statistics (thanks to Rosario) I changed my mind

Decided to start with the grade breakdown:

Great - - - - - - - 17 books -- 8%
Very Good - - - - 49 books -- 25%
Good - - - - - - - 68 books -- 35%
Okay- - - - - - - -49 books -- 25%
NWMT - - - - - - 12 books --- 6%
DNF- - - - - - - - - 2 books --- 1%

Totals - - - - - - 197 books (176 if you take out the rereads)

21% were rereads
Looks pretty good and sounds about right, most of what I read falls between very good, good and okay.

Next I decided to lists My Favorites... there I ran into a problem.

Greats consisted of 17 books, 7 of which were rereads. Taking out the rereads drops my "great" total down to 5%--could that be right? And then I looked a the list of books...
The Devil's Waltz -- Anne Stuart
Simply Unforgetable -- Mary Balogh
Devil in Winter -- Lisa Kleypas ???
Winter Garden -- Adele Ashworth
Ride the Fire -- Pamela Clare
Darcy's Story -- Janet Aylmer
Twilight -- Stephanie Meyers
Slave to Sensation -- Nalini Singh
Lover Awakened -- J R Ward
Demon Angel -- Meljean Brook ???
I crossed out the books I decided probably never belonged in the "Great" column to start with and probably should have been rated "Very Good" and I'm still a little undecided about the ones with the question marks. So out of 176 "new" books read I have 5 new/possible keepers: 3 historicals, 1 paranormal and 1 YA.

I think I need to revamp my grading system...
A/A+ = Keeper
A- = Possible Keeper
B+ = Very Good
B/B- = Good
C-/C/C+ = Okay
D = Not Worth My Time (NWMT)
I realized as a I was going through the list there are probably a some books I rated "Very Good" that are "Possible Keepers", but that will have to be another post. I also realized I'm much tougher on a book after the glow of a new exciting read wears off--LOL.


Jennie said...

I also realized I'm much tougher on a book after the glow of a new exciting read wears off--LOL. Me too! Sometimes I look back and want to change the rating I gave something. It sort of feels like cheating, but I guess it's good to reconsider. Some books just stay with you for a long time, and others you can't remember why you liked them so much!

CindyS said...

Sorry, I'm too busy weeping for Stuart, Ward and Singh being dropped down a peg.

Let's take a minute shall we?

Okay then.

I also do this with grades. Maybe we do have to wait a bit for the glow to fade so we grade the book properly BUT what if on the re-read we're all, OMG, why isn't this one on my keeper list!

I think I also need to do a post on how I think of KEEPERS ;) I mean, Stuart is a keeper even when her story should really only be graded a C+. I'm not blind but I'm also going to re-read that C+ and love it because there is just something there that makes me happy. Then there are the books that are so close to perfection. Ward's last book about Z would probably be more of an A-. Many things affect this, the fact that the story is more about the hero than about a relationship, the evil guys are boring and the multiple character thing can become overwhelming. Even so, Z was a hero I just loved and I did love *his* story. So the book would be an A-.

Okay, I should probably do up a post on this or I'll end up taking over your comments ;)

Oh! What book or books would you grade an A+? When I was at Jennie's I had thought Mr. Impossible would have been a perfect score but then I remembered that the beginning of the story dragged. So, have you ever read a perfect book?

Okay, I'm taking that over to my blog too ;)

Again, you have inspired more posts.


Rosie said...

TM, I was reading through all of Rosario's stats and was stupified. That is one organized woman. My spreadsheet is so rudimentary compared to the info she has. I love looking at everyone's best lists because I'm always looking for good new authors to try.

BTW, I have DEMON ANGEL sitting on my night stand along with Colleen Gleason's book. I'm afraid to start them. It's like before I read LORD OF SCOUNDRELS. I've heard so many good things I'm afraid they are too built up and I'm doomed to be disappointed.

Guess I'll take a page out of Scarlett's book and think about it tomorrow.

Tara Marie said...

Jennie, I'm starting to think I shouldn't grade a book until I've had a good month to actually think about it. It's less embarassing than admitting I'm constantly wrong--LOL.

Cindy--I'm only moving them to "possible keeper" which means if I reread them and enjoy them they'll get kept, well the Singh will be kept until her series is done, but I'm a bit of an obsessive compumpulsive about having a complete series.

I don't think I'd give anything a "perfect" grade. For me an A+ would be as close to perfect as possible.

Rosie, I'm telling you I want to be Rosario when I grow up. It doesn't matter that I'm 10 years older than she is--LOL.

I've got the Gleason on my TBR pile too. Read Demon Angel--really amazing story. The second hundred pages drag somewhat, but read them anyway it's important to the world building.

Bookwormom said...

Hmm. I don't grade my books, they're either keepers or traded. However, it's kind of a temporary keeper status. After a year I go back & reread my thoughts & make a final decision about keeping or trading. It allows the 'afterglow,' if you will, to fade a little. In the end, there are very few 'permanent' keepers for me.

Jenster said...

Great list. BTW - Jennifer in TX sent me "Winter Garden" and I just started it this morning. Can't wait to really get into it.